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Announcing VMware Success 360™ for U.S. Federal Agencies and Telecom Customers

VMware continues to build on our momentum with VMware Success 360. Back in September 2020, we launched VMware’s success offering to guide our customers through all the stages of their technology journey. We are committed to supporting all our customers’ journey, including those with very specific needs, which is why there are two new versions of VMware Success 360 — one for U.S. federal agencies and another for telecom organizations.

VMware Success 360 for U.S. Federal Agencies and Telecom Customers

VMware Success 360 for U.S. Federal Agencies is designed for customers who want to experience all the benefits of the standard offer but require delivery to be executed by United States citizens located on U.S. soil. 

The telecom industry’s transformation is a complex and continuous innovation journey that impacts all aspects of the business. It entails:

  • Modernizing and virtualizing network functions
  • Adopting agile cloud-native automation and an agile operating model
  • Developing new and exciting digital services to monetize and address new user demands.

VMware Success 360 for Telecom is tailored to meet the unique needs of these customers. It includes everything in the standard offering in addition to guaranteed support response times and service restoration SLAs for VMware Telco Cloud products.

New digital learning

We believe that access to world-class knowledge, when and where our customers want, is critical to their long-term success, which is why VMware Success 360 now includes digital learning. Through the VMware Customer Connect Learning™ Premium Subscription, VMware Success 360 customers can gain new skills to accelerate their technology value realization. Available via VMware Customer Connect Learning, it provides 24/7 access to intermediate-level courses, demos, simulated labs and exam preparation videos for an unlimited number of users.

Existing VMware Success 360 customers now get even more value

For customers who already have VMware Success 360, contact your Success Executive for your link to this rich digital learning repository where your team can immediately take advantage of more than 60 e-learning modules and hundreds of videos. 

Don’t have VMware Success 360 yet?

VMware is constantly innovating and with all the priorities you are juggling, you may have missed how this success offering can help you achieve your outcomes faster. VMware Success 360 is 100% focused on helping you gain the most value from the VMware technology you’ve already invested in. We partner with you to identify the best routes for you to take and the roadblocks to avoid. We continuously monitor and measure your progress based on mutually agreed-upon metrics, and when necessary, identify any adjustments that might be needed along the way. We are in this together. When you succeed, we succeed. Contact your VMware Account Manager today to learn how VMware Success 360 can help your organization get the most from your investments.


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