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VMworld Hackathon Las Vegas Logistics Update

Are you getting excited yet?

The 2017 edition of our VMworld Hackathon in Las Vegas this coming Monday is sold out (we may release a handful of additional seats the day of the event).

The 15 team slots have all been claimed by now, and more than half of them are already fully staffed.

As William Lam pointed out on the latest episode of the Virtually Speaking Podcast (“Episode 55: Automate all the things”, starts from minute 14:52), we’re seeing a great deal of diversity in terms of products: between all the different teams, we’ll be exploring topics not just reated to vSphere, but also storage, networking, vRealize, CNA, SaaS – a little bit of everything, which is exactly what we had hoped for (again).

If you were lucky enough to score a ticket – whether as an active participant or as a guest in the audience – please find below some important logistical information.

We ask you to please review this information carefully and prepare for the event accordingly. Due to some of the changes we’re making this year (the added pre-hackathon training sessions, the 100% increase in the number of teams), we will be operating on a relatively tight schedule. The more everyone can arrive at the event fully informed and fully prepared, the better the experience will be for everyone. Thanks in advance!

We will be adding to this blog post as more last-minute details become available, so make sure to check back for updates over the weekend to find out where things stand.


We will use Slack as our main communications tool before, during and after the event.

Active participants: your first task will be to make sure you have joined the #vmworld-hackathon channel on our Slack.

If for some reason you’re not a member of the VMware {code} program yet, you will need to sign up first in order to receive your Slack invite.

If you joined VMware {code} before but can’t locate your personal Slack invite, let us know, and we’ll be happy to re-send it.


Here’s the agenda for the evening:

From To Duration Agenda item Notes
06:30pm 07:45pm 01:75 Pre-hackathon training sessions
07:45pm 08:00pm 00:15 Break Training attendees will have to switch rooms.
08:00pm 08:15pm 00:15 Welcome & instructions We’ll get started at 8pm sharp!

As much as possible, we will share information prior to the event. Be on Slack and check this post for updates!

08:15pm 10:45pm 02:30 Team work
10:45pm 11:30pm 00:45 Pitch presentations Teams can expect to have around 90 seconds available to present their work and make a convincing case to the judges.
11:30pm 11:45pm 00:15 Announcement of winning team
11:45pm Party

Again, you’ll probably notice that this is rather tight and doesn’t leave a lot of room for getting yourself organized. Please help your team be the most productive it can be and make sure to come fully prepared. Thanks!

Scoring rubric

With our hackathons, we want to emphasize collaboration and learning (and, ultimately, sharing with the community). This is a team effort! Performance will be evaluated against the following five criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Usefulness
  • Presentation/pitch
  • Team collaboration
  • Fun/learning

Some categories will matter more than others. The exact weighting rules will be revealed at the beginning of the event.


We have recruited a set of four very excellent people for this job: Meet the judges!

Judging process

Judges will be asked to interact with the teams throughout the evening to understand what problems are being solved and how, assess team collaboration and prepare for the final scoring later in the evening.

In other words, your teams will be evaluated throughout the evening, so it’s not just the pitch presentation that counts.


Yes, there will be prizes for the winning team! Full details to be announced shortly (listen to the Virtually Speaking Podcast episode referenced above to skip ahead).

Environment details

Please check out this Github page to find out what you can expect in terms of the development environment.

Internet connection

We will have dedicated in-room wifi. As a courtesy to your fellow hackathon participants, we kindly ask that you please take care of any large downloads beforehand as much as possible. Please coordinate among your teammates prior to the event to minimize the need for last-minute internet usage that might negatively impact the bandwidth available for everyone. Thanks!


The official hashtag is #VMworldHackathon.

* * *

Once again, thanks everyone for signing up and spreading the word. We can’t wait to see you on Monday!

¡Vamonos! All Set for VMworld Europe Hackathon

Torre Agbar Detail

Torre Agbar Detail (see credits below)

This September 11-14, VMworld 2017 Europe will once again take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

And once again – for the second year in a row – the VMware {code} team will be hosting a hackathon to provide our developer community with a fun and energizing space to “learn, code and connect” and create cool new things the world needs.

If you’re new to our hackathons, here are a few things you should know:

  • They are open to experts and newbies alike.
  • You don’t actually need to know how to code to be a productive member of a team
  • Ideas don’t have to be limited to VMware products.
  • There’s lots of socializing and making new connections with colleagues and peers from around the world!

When and where?

The hackathon will take place on Monday, September 11th, from 6 to10pm at:

Valkiria Hub Space
Carrer de Pujades 126
08005 Barcelona
Tel: +34 933 09 50 47
Web: http://www.valkiriahubspace.com/en/

The venue is a 20-30 minute drive away from Fira Gran Via. A free shuttle bus will be provided.

How big?

This year, we’ll have space for 10 teams of up to 8 participants (1 team lead + up to 7 team members each). In addition, we’ll be able to accommodate another 30 or so guests.

Will there be training sessions?

Unlike the hackathon in Las Vegas this year, we won’t offer any pre-hackathon training sessions in Barcelona this year, but it’s something we will be considering for 2018.

How to register?

Unlike last year, we ask both participants and guests to register via ScheduleBuilder. Active participants can then create or join a team and coordinate with their teammates using the Google spreadsheet.

  • Hackathon Event: Teams hack on ideas! [VMTN6735E]
    Rules to join the Hackathon: 1. Sign-up for this session. 2. Join a team or add a new idea and wait for others to join your team in this spreadsheet here. 3. You can coordinate with your fellow team members to determine what project you would like to do for your selected theme. 5. Register for VMware {code} and join the #hackathon-europe group to discuss. 6. Have fun!
  • Hackathon Audience – Food, Drinks, and Cheering! [VMTN6736E]
    Didn’t get signed up for the Hackathon? Don’t like to code? Come cheer on your favorite teams, eat food, drink, win an Amazon Echo, and be merry.

For VMware employees who want to participate, please get in touch, and we’ll put you on the list.

What about rules, jury, prizes etc.?

We’ll have more details to share over the coming days and weeks.

How can I stay in the loop?

Please follow @vmwarecode on Twitter. If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to join the VMware {code} program. Once you receive your personal Slack invite, go join the #hackathon-europe channel.

Got more questions?

We’re here to answer any questions! Leave us a comment, find us on Slack or Twitter, and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks, and see you all at the hackathon!

* * *

Photo credit:Torre Agbar Detail” by 73014677@N05 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.