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  • Heads Up – ESXi 8.0 Host Client unable to attach existing virtual disk to VM

    A couple of days ago, I had received an email from a customer that after upgrading to ESXi 8.0, they were no longer able to attach an existing virtual disk (VMDK) to a VM using the ESXi Host Client, which is accessible by opening a browser to the Hostname/IP Address of your ESXi host. After [...]

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    Published on 2022-12-07 | Time 17:54:36

  • High-end Dell Precision 7770 & 7670 laptops with 128GB memory for ESXi

    I have been following the progress on the new Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM), which was announced earlier this year and is a new laptop memory standard that has been created by Dell. Dell intends to replace the aging SODIMM memory module, which are typically found in laptops and small form factor systems like the [...]

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    Published on 2022-12-06 | Time 17:13:38

  • Using Code Capture to decipher VMware APIs

    Most of my AWS content going forward will be published on AWS-owned repositories. AWS re:Post is a great community resource [...] The post Using Code Capture to decipher VMware APIs appeared first on .

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    Published on 2022-12-02 | Time 15:40:01

  • How to configure Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) database for vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) in an air-gapped environment?

    I was setting up another vSphere 8 environment in my homelab using my handy Automated vSphere & vSAN 8 Lab Deployment Script and I was reminded of another vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) question that I had received during VMware Explore Barcelona 2022. The question was about configuring vCenter Server that would include full vLCM functionality [...]

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    Published on 2022-12-01 | Time 18:15:46