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VMware Cloud Certification Services: A Journey to SaaS Transformation

VMware delivers a pre-configured cloud based certification test bed in the cloud for a fixed duration of time to it’s partners to certify their products. Partners with access to the program can log-in using a URL provided by VMware and access the test bed without any VPN.

Following are the highlights of this program.

  • Centralized environment with ready-to-go test bed
  • Hardware cost savings for the partners
  • Time saving for partners from not having to setup a test bed
  • No support calls around test bed setup
  • No surprises or confusion on vSphere and Certification suite versions
  • Easy to debug

High level architectural diagram.

VMware’s Ecosystem Services team took up the challenge to transform its certification programs to make it part of VMware’s SaaS Transformation Journey and released it’s first cloud based certification for Key Manager Server (KMS) to certifying the full compatibility of a Key Manager Servers with the VMware platform which is a critical element for our partners. Traditionally, this certification has been a cumbersome, and sometimes expensive task, requiring equipment, time and resources. Now, with the rollout of VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform, those times are over.

No Physical Infrastructure Required

VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform is, you guessed it, in the cloud.  This means there’s no VMware infrastructure deployment required on the partner end. Our first technology partner Thales simply deployed their Vormetric Data Security Manager into VMware’s cloud environment and ran KMS Certification Suite and uploaded the logs from the same platform.

Easy to Deploy and Quick

VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform has simplified integration and configuration, reducing total time to get VMware Ready certification.  Deployment is sped up simply by avoiding the need for a partner procured VMware environment. Thales configured the Vormetric Data Security Manager and completed certification within a few hours. Without VMware’s Cloud Certification platform, it would have taken Thales a few weeks to procure hardware, install vSphere Software, Configure the test bed and run certification tests.

Access to Expert Support Resources

Following is a testimonial from Thales

“No matter how hands-off the testing infrastructure is, some technical help is always needed.  Whether through documentation or live help, VMware’s outstanding technical staff is there to help smooth the process”

Robust Encryption and Simplified Key Management at the core

VMware supports easy to use and scalable VM and vSAN encryption solutions. The simplified KMS setup and management in vSphere provides centralized encryption key management where encryption keys and trust relationships with KMS are centrally managed and securely stored. The access controls and auditing capabilities in core VMware platform further ensures the security of these high value objects.



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