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VMware {code} and VMTN Community Quick Talks at Explore 2024

Illuminate the Tech World with Your Unique Insights at The Hub in VMware Explore 2024!

VMware Explore 2024 is the gathering place for tech enthusiasts who are eager to learn and share their unique insights and innovations. Whether you’re presenting individually or joining forces with a colleague for a duo presentation, we invite you to submit your proposals for VMware {code} and VMTN Community Quick Talk sessions at The Hub, our Explore Communities Area.

VMware {code}: Celebrating Personalized Innovation at The Hub

Have you tweaked a script to perfection? Or perhaps you’ve taken an open-source tool and adapted it to deploy a home lab? At VMware {code}, we want to showcase the ingenuity that comes from personalizing technology. Share your story of transformation and the impact it’s had on your work. We’re looking for sessions that highlight how you’ve customized a script, used an API or how you use Aria Orchestrator/Automation in you own way that reflects your individuality and creativity. It’s not just about the {code} – it’s about the person behind the {code}.

VMTN Community Quick Talks: Your Journey is Our Inspiration

The VMTN Community Quick Talks are fast, 25 min Quick Talks that allow our Community members to share their techniques, learnings and other non-mainstream topics that are fun and interesting. These Quick Talks do not come with an Explore pass, rather are available to conference attendees to share at Explore.

How to Submit Your Story

The call for papers for Las Vegas closes on May 3, 2024, and for Barcelona on June 14, 2024. Don’t miss the chance to share your unique tech narrative at The Hub!

Crafting Your Proposal

  • Title: Be bold, be creative – make us remember you.
  • Abstract: A teaser of your talk – the full story can unfold later.

Why Share Your Story?

  • Inspiration: Your journey could be the catalyst for someone else’s innovation.
  • Community: Join a supportive network that values every member’s unique contribution.
  • Recognition: Gain visibility as an innovator who thinks outside the box.


As someone who has personally benefited from these talks, I understand the value they bring. Knowing that I didn’t have to start from scratch with PowerCLI scripts was a revelation. By combining different scripts and tailoring them to my needs, I not only optimized my workflows but also found more time to spend with my loved ones. If these talks have made a difference in your life, imagine the impact your experience could have on others.

Whether you’re a solo act or part of a dynamic duo, experienced customer, or just landed a role working with VMware products, we encourage you to submit your proposal. Remember, perfection isn’t required at this stage – it’s the originality and potential of your idea that truly matter.

We can’t wait to witness the diverse and personalized approaches you’ll bring to The Hub at VMware Explore 2024. Submit your proposals, and let’s celebrate the power of innovation and individuality in tech!

Need help or looking for a co-presenter? Contact the VMware Explore team for assistance

Looking for inspiration? Check out past presentations from the  {code} YouTube channel and the Explore Video Library. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me ([email protected]), a {code} coach via Discord, a vExpert, or check out the Sample Exchange.