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vCenter Converter is back!

VMware is thrilled to announce the return of one of the most popular products in our catalogue: the vCenter Converter. As we promised few months ago, we are releasing a new and improved version of the product, compatible with vSphere 7.0 and ESXi 7.0. This version is mostly focused on improving the stability and security standards of the Converter and keeping the existing functionality and user-experience our customers are used to.  

The VMware vCenter Converter team invites you to communicate your interest in joining the continuous¬†vCenter Converter Beta program. You can use this opportunity to shape the evolution and future direction of the product. If you don’t have access to the Beta community, all you need is to do is visit the vCenter Converter BETA registration page and proceed with filling and submitting the form.

For those who have no experience with this product, vCenter Converter is a freeware standalone tool providing the possibility to convert virtual workloads running on third-party hypervisors and powered-on physical machines into VMware virtual machines. The upcoming version of the vCenter Converter supports conversion of workloads based on MS Hyper-V, conversion between VMware virtual formats (Workstation, Fusion) and reconfiguration of VMware virtual machines. The vCenter Converter supports virtual workloads running Windows, Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

We have serious plans for the evolution of the product and the following releases will expand the list of supported hypervisors, vSphere versions, operational systems and virtual hardware versions. 

Stay tuned!


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  1. Used it with some windows 7 systems that were at risk (I know, still are) to ESXi 6.7 via vCenter. Works great! You have to watch the hardware config, the first conversion had a single NIC, the VM ended up with 5. No biggie, just deleted them from the VM config.

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