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VMware {code} June 2021 Power Sessions

Power through June with two great sessions on Production-Ready Container Images and a Safer Kubernetes with Open Policy Agent! All sessions will be live streamed on our YouTube Channel

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June 2021

“Building Production-Ready Container Images” with Cora Iberkleid

As Kubernetes becomes the runtime platform of choice, turning apps into production-grade images with confidence and ease becomes critical to achieving productivity and success. Dockerfile and some higher-level tools – like Jib for Java – are popular approaches, yet they present significant challenges, especially as the number and variety of applications increases. Enter Cloud Native Buildpacks – tooling that makes it quick and easy to build and maintain images for a variety of languages, while providing security, auditability, transparency, and control. In this talk we’ll review the pros and cons of Dockerfile and Jib, and we’ll cover the basics of Cloud Native Buildpacks, including a few different ways to use Buildpacks to address a variety of use cases and challenges. By the end of this talk you’ll understand how you can make short work of building images in a secure, repeatable way.

Date & Time: Thursday, June 8th 2021, 10 AM PST

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Safer Kubernetes with Open Policy Agent” with Sharmyn Kayani and Mark Foley

One of the great things about Kubernetes is that it can help teams to move faster and release more code, more often. However, moving fast means that mistakes can happen and in a Kubernetes environment that could mean anything from slightly higher cloud bill through to a fully fledged security incident. This session will look at how various types of policies can be used to guard against many common categories of misconfiguration and vulnerability. We’ll also cover how VMware Tanzu Mission Control can be used to manage policy across multiple environments and ensure that the right policies are applied to different environments

Date & Time: Tuesday June 22nd 2021, 4 PM PST

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