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VMware {code} April 2021 Power Sessions

Last year we launched our online Power Session series, where we live-steamed technical talks on our YouTube Channel on topics ranging from Kubernetes, to Project Antrea, to service mesh and more.

This year we are proud to announce that the power sessions will be returning, beginning in April. From April through September we will be live streaming sessions every month to give you a taste of the content we will be sharing during this years #CodeConnect.

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April 2021

“Tanzu for Beginners” with Robert Kloosterhuis
Modern software development is increasingly moving toward so-called cloud-native architectures. And to run these ‘modern-apps’, you will likely need containers, a little something called ‘Kubernetes’, and the infrastructure and integrated tools surrounding it, to bring your application to production.

To answer this need, VMware has introduced Tanzu.
But what is VMware Tanzu? Is it a product? Is it a platform? Is it just Kubernetes, or is it more?

In this ‘Tanzu for Beginners’ session, Robert will take you on a trip through the VMware Tanzu portfolio and pierce through the branding and acronyms, zoom in on the different Kubernetes flavours and editions that VMware currently has, and look at some of the products and technologies that surround them.

Date & Time: Friday, April 9th 2021, 10 AM PST

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“Forget Kubernetes, here comes Knative!” with Michael Gasch & William Lam 
Join William and Michael as they explain why VI Admins and developers alike should take a look at Knative, a platform for building event-driven and serverless applications. 

During this session, we will explain the value Knative brings to any Kubernetes environment and its users, with a focus on how Knative simplifies operations and systems integration for vSphere admins.

You like hacking and demos? You want to automate boring tasks and manage 3rd party integrations at scale? You want to know what comes next after Kubernetes? Then you definitely don’t want to miss out this session!!!

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 20th, 2021, 11AM PST

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