We had a fun time at our first-ever VMware {code} Briefing last week. Thanks again to Kyle Ruddy for the presentation (click here to watch the recording) and to Alan Renouf and Jake Robinson for answering questions in real-time.

Here’s a transcript of the Q&A part of the webinar, edited slightly for clarity:

Q: When might we expect to see functionality for Instant Clones worked into PowerCLI?
A: The APIs are not public for Instant Clone as yet, once they are we’re sure it will be a high priority.

Q: Please include cmdlets for vSphere Replication.
A: Thanks for the request! We are waiting for a public API for this feature from the feature team. Please do pass on your need to the vSphere Replication team and we will also remind them (again).

Q: Cmdlets for VDS NIOC shares and such would be useful at some point if it’s not already in there.
A: Thanks for the feature request! And just to be sure you know, you can do this today via Get-View (we know it’s more complicated this way).

Q: Do you have the PSversion value from $psversiontable that is needed for the prereq?
A: Good question! It’s basically any version of PowerShell that supports the nuget cmdlets as shown on the screen right now. Can’t remember how far that goes back but quite a way. Powershell 3 (any build) and on should work. Of course, we recommend using the latest available.

Q: Offline installation process is cumbersome, especially for data center and DMZ machines. One EXE is much easier.
A: You can also just copy the folders straight to the modules folder, no admin rights required unlike the EXE/MSI. You can download the modules zip files from the gallery API as well. Some orgs that use Powershell as a strategic advantage also run their own private gallery, enabling all machines without access to the Internet to use the install and update cmdlets.

Q: Do you always have to use Connect-? to initiate the auto loading of the modules?
A: No, any cmdlet in the PowerCLI module will auto load it. Connect- is just normally the first run.

Q: We need Mr Lam’s xVC-vMotion script made into a cmdlet!
A: Check this out: As Jake said, this is already part of Move-VM in the latest PowerCLI version.

Q: How come no one uses the new Show-Command? It clarifies parameters so much easier for demos.
A: Love that cmdlet!

Q: I can’t upgrade to PSV 5 on my Windows 7 Box, but am able to get it to work on my Win10 box.
A: Powershell 5 is a part of WMF 5. Hit us up on the VMware {code} #PowerCLI Slack channel to share some more detail!

Q: Is Log Insight going to get any cmdlets soon? I saw someone had a GitHub one but is a bit dated and limited.
A: Please ping us on the VMware {code} #PowerCLI Slack channel with what Log Insight tasks you want to automate!

Q: Any plans or timeline to add NSX into PowerCLI?
A: Yes, we’re working hard on it. Stay tuned!

Q: What is a practical use case for the vROPs cmdlets?
A: We have seen customers use the cmdlets for many use cases ranging on custom reporting to actions based on the information in vROPs using PowerCLI to react to issues etc. With the entire Public API being available through the cmdlets it really is down to your imagination/requirements.

Q: What about Onyx for vSphere 6.5?
A: Our hope is to provide support for this on the HTML 5 client in the near future. Onyx is important to us!

Q: Onyx for the HTML5 client?
A: Coming in the future to a Fling site near you.

Q: Any plans on porting the vic-create cmd over to powercli?
A: The long term goal of PowerCLI is to support all VMware products, including VIC! 🙂

Q: Is there going to be an officially supported version of PowerVRA by VMware in the future?
A: We want to support Powershell modules for all of our products. 🙂

We hope that was helpful. If you have further questions regarding this latest PowerCLI release or PowerCLI in general, just head on over to the #PowerCLI channel on Slack. In case you’re not a member yet, go and sign up first (you’ll receive your personal Slack invite right away).