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End of NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director…! What Should I Know?

In May 2023, VMware unveiled the 7th major release of the VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director 1.4.2 tool, introducing an extensive array of functionalities and elevating the tool’s capabilities to encompass a comprehensive set of features, facilitating the migration of VMware Cloud Director Networking from NSX for vSphere to VMware NSX (formerly known as VMware NSX Datacenter / NSX-T). This release marked a culmination of over 2+ years of significant engineering development to mature further the migration tool’s ability to allow providers to assess and migrate their environments to NSX-T at no additional charge. 

As of this announcement, v1.4.2 of the NSX Migration Tool for Cloud Director will mark the end of all future development and initiate the process to transition the tool to its End of Life (EOL) phase. General Support, including bug fixes and patches, will continue until End of General Support (EOGS) in January 2024. 

Why is VMware announcing EOL for the migration tool? 

Based on significant data and feedback from the field, VMware has determined that the tool adequately facilitates the migration of the majority of features, uses-cases and design scenarios covering the variety of service provider deployments and environments using NSX-V. Nonetheless, VMware recognises that some highly specialized service provider environments will continue to necessitate intervention using a manual or customized approach. 

What are the key pieces of information I should know? 

  1. The migration tool has reached its End of Life (EOL) in the third quarter of 2023, specifically from 31st August onward. 
  1. The migration tool is slated to enter its End of General Support (EOGS) phase by the conclusion of VMware’s fiscal year 2024, which falls on January 31, 2024. 
  1. The migration tool will be available as an open-source toolkit on VMware’s GitHub repository. VMware is targeting to have this available within the next 1-2 months. 
  1. For service providers requiring additional migration assistance, we’ve developed a partnership with several “VMware Preferred Partners” that can offer supplementary consulting and migration services. In addition, these partners may offer additional development services for further customization of the migration tool by utilizing the open-source code. For more information on these offerings, please reach out to your VMware Partner Manager for assistance.  

What existing resources are available to assist with migrations? 

In our ongoing efforts to further improve customer success, the Cloud Service Provider team is committed to creating supplementary resources like white papers and informative content to continue assisting providers with migrating their environments. These materials will delve into best practices and essential considerations pertaining to the Migration tool. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage partners who may have missed our expert-led webinar series covering all facets of the NSX Migration tool and its features to seize this opportunity. 

Below, you’ll find the relevant replay details and resources: 

A.) To know the alternative methods on how to migrate the unsupported features, read the blog “Alternative Solutions for Unsupported Features in VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director…!

B.) VMware Cloud Director NSX V- T: Technical Series

  • Technical Series 1: Modernize your NSX Environment for Cloud Service Providers 
  1. AMER/EMEA Session 
  2. APJ Session 
  • Technical Series 2:Migrating Complex NSX-v Environment for Cloud Service Providers 
  1. AMER/EMEA Session 
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  • Business Session: Network & Security Cloud Services with NSX Advanced Capabilities 
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C.) If you are interested in some of the formal VMware NSX Courses, here are some that could be useful to you: 

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, or want more information on how to engage with one of our preferred partners for migration assistance, please consult with your VMware Partner Manager for more information. 

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