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Decommissioning Usage Meter 4.3

Why is this blog important?

This blog information is for all the Cloud Providers still operating version 4.3 (or lower) of the Usage Meter appliance. Starting on July 31, 2023, Usage Meter 4.3 will no longer be compatible with the cloud processing used to generate reports. 

What the Cloud Providers must do?

Partners should upgrade immediately to the latest version (preferably v4.6 or v4.7 in May). And just as a reminder, Usage Meter 4.X is capable of in-place upgrades. You don’t need to deploy a whole new appliance. Download the upgrade ISO from my.vmware.com, attach it to the appliance in vCenter Server, and run the upgrade script.

What are the new benefits after the upgrade?

Notable new features you will get after the upgrade: 

  • Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI) 
    • This is the VAMI you see on vCenter Server for managing the appliance OS, Services, Firewall rules, Network Config, etc…
  • Updates to NSX for additional metering and granularity 
  • Data Hashing Control 
    • Want to make the VMH readable for VM Names, vCenter Name, etc.? This is how
    • Send appliance logs to vRealize Log Insight, Splunk, or any syslog server you choose for security and troubleshooting.

The upgrade download will be available for partners needing an upgrade to Usage Meter 4.4. This is in case you do not utilize FIPS compliant certificates with products like Cloud Director.

So that you know, we will send email reminders to all the Cloud Providers using Usage Meter version 4.3 or lower. These messages will continue and increase in frequency until you have upgraded all v4.3 appliances to a newer version. 

Cloud Providers Action Item

Cloud Providers are responsible for maintaining and running the latest version of the Usage Meter appliance. If the Cloud Provider fails to meet this responsibility, they will be found to be non-compliant with VCPP.


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