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New Reporting Capabilities in VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.4

We consider good reporting to be essential for Cloud Providers. Because of that, a part of the new features in VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.4 aims to improve the product’s reporting capabilities. There are two new reports available to the Cloud Providers:

  • Recovery Plans Execution Reports
  • RPO Compliance

Recovery Plans Execution Reports

As an enhancement to the existing Recovery Plans, in VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.4, we added monitoring and detailed reports for their execution.

When testing or running a recovery plan, we can see more details about each step, its progress, and its status.

VCDA Recovery Plans Monitoring

The data for all executions – failed or successful, tests and runs are collected and made available as a report.  It can be generated by selecting a recovery plan and clicking on Other actions > Reports.

VCDA List of Recovery Plans Reports

When a report is generated by a system or Organization administrator, it contains information about the site, owner, status, overall execution duration, and a drill-down per step. It can be easily downloaded from the browser as an HTML file.

VCDA Recovery Plan Execution Report

The reports are kept for three months or until the Recovery plan is deleted. 

RPO Compliance

This new report, available from the Reports section, provides information about the RPO violations and when they occurred for one or all Organizations in a chosen timeframe. Unlike the Recovery Plans Execution Reports, it is unavailable to tenants, and only the system administrators can generate it.

VCDA RPO Compliance Report

It can be configured to show only violated or all replications, including or excluding deleted protections or ones owned by the system organization.

Once the report is generated to contain the desired information, it can be exported as an HTML or TSV file. 

VCDA RPO Compliance Report HTML

RPO violations for protections of powered-off VMs and paused ones will also be included, but it is not indicated that this is the reason for them.

The report includes only information about protections and not migrations.

Note: This is a best-effort report with an informative purpose only because it might not include 100% of the violations due to some technical limitations. 

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