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VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu for Service Providers

We are glad to announce that VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) with Tanzu is now available for VCPP partners – a big leap forward in the application modernization space. This announcement brings the best of two worlds together to offer consistent and secure infrastructure and service delivery across multiple clouds.  

This offering addresses the complex issues that businesses face – transitioning to and running modern application at scale. Modern applications adopt complex container systems based on Kubernetes, which companies typically operate as a separate environment. Having multiple environments increases complexity and introduces security risks, which in turn impairs product development and slows business execution. This makes it difficult for IT to manage and provision resources at pace with developer needs. See how developer velocity impacts the business performance.

CTOs want to leverage integrated platform solutions that can address their existing application needs, while they transition and develop new modern applications. Because building out modern application infrastructure is expensive to deploy and operate, organizations often look to Cloud Providers to deliver a cost-effective bridge between their existing and future application infrastructure needs

VCF brings many benefits, especially with its integrated cloud management capabilities that can span private and public environments to offer a consistent operational model based on vSphere tools and processes that gives the freedom to run applications anywhere. With the addition of Tanzu, Cloud Providers can now offer developer ready infrastructure in addition to the robust software defined infrastructure foundation enabling higher margin cloud services

VCF with Tanzu provides a consistent platform – one which is adaptive, scalable, and agile. Cloud Providers can run and deliver modern workloads across multiple clouds with enhanced operational simplicity. These capabilities deliver un-precedented flexibility and value to customer businesses who can spend more time on innovation and delivery and less time worrying about hardware readiness.

How do service providers benefit from VCF with Tanzu?

This solution provides a universal platform that consolidates containers and VMs into a single stack equipped with developer focused run time services. VCF with Tanzu integrates and automates the networking, storage, and management components with the Kubernetes runtime into a suite of services called VMware Cloud Foundation Services and delivers it through a set of Kubernetes and RESTful APIs.

This layer consists of two service groups:   

  • Tanzu Runtime Services – Delivering core Kubernetes development services, including an up-to-date distribution of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), a fully certified Kubernetes distribution designed for enterprises.
  • Infrastructure Services – Full Kubernetes and RESTful API access that spans creating and orchestrating virtual machines, containers, storage, networking, and other core capabilities.

This layer derives API access to all core services while maintaining enterprise-class policies for resiliency, security and access controls simplifying the management of container & VM workloads across multiple clouds boosting performance and availability.

VCF with Tanzu also includes Tanzu Mission Control a multi-cloud Kubernetes operations management platform which Cloud Providers can use to bring operational scale, governance, consistency, and efficiency to Kubernetes operations. See how Tanzu Mission Control benefits service providers?

How to order VCF with Tanzu?

VCF with Tanzu can be consumed by partners via a one-off request order on the Cloud Provider Commerce Portal. Below is the process to Request One-Off Orders from Cloud Provider Commerce Portal

  1. Verify that you are logged in with an account that has the Operations role assigned​
  2. On the Commerce Portal toolbar, click Contracts​
  3. Click the rental contract number for which you want to request a one-off order.
  4.  ​You will be re-directed to that contract detail’s page​
  5. On the toolbar, select One-Off Orders​
  6. Click New Order​
  7. Enter a description of the one-off order, select the product and license quantity, and click OK

How is VCF with Tanzu licensed rand reported?

All usage is tracked by Usage Meter and reported to VMware Commerce Portal. See how VCF is metered and reported.
VCF with Tanzu is licensed per physical cores/month from the hosts actively running workloads, including all Management and Workload Domain hosts​.
Contact your VMware Business Development Manager or Aggregator for pricing information for each bundle.

Additional resources:

Here are some resources available for additional learning:

This new offering allows Cloud Providers to expand and grow their multi-cloud services, address the needs of developers and DevSecOps teams, and attract new workloads onto their clouds. VCF with Tanzu is designed to grow and scale easily and quickly with the customers, giving them peace of mind that the multi cloud solutions they build will continue to be secure, perform well, and be as serviceable for their teams whether it is on day 1, year 1, or beyond.


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