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New Cloud Provider partner benefits – Support Readiness Training and Cloud Provider Support Entitlement

VMware Cloud Provider partners in VMware’s Partner Connect program play a unique role in the VMware ecosystem: They are users of our products and services, and they are also the operators of these services towards their end users and customers.

As such, our Cloud Provider partners in our license rental and Managed Service Provider routes to market provide support towards their end customers, but also interact with VMware’s Global Support Services (GSS) to keep their services up and running.

As of May 16, 2022, we are providing our VMware Partner Connect Cloud Provider Partners access to VMware’s Support Readiness Training, which provides access to the same curriculum VMware support engineers are benefiting from.

In addition, Cloud Provider Partners will have access to new dedicated Support Entitlements that are being assigned to their Entitlement Accounts over the course of the coming weeks.

What is Support Readiness Training?

Support Readiness Training represents in-depth troubleshooting training (also known as ‘Level 200’ training) that has been developed by VMware’s Support Organization for in-house support engineers.

This enables our partners to provide level 1 and level 2 support towards their end customers, as well as making sure that support requests that need VMware’s help get resolved more quickly.

The list of available trainings, grouped by product category can be found in the Support Partner Training and Certification Requirements Guide. We are regularly adding new trainings. These will be added to the guide as they become available.

Qualifying partners can register for these on-demand, online trainings for free, using the links in this guide.

Partner Support Access with new Support Entitlements

As part of the terms of VMware’s Cloud Provider partner programs, partners have access to VMware’s Enterprise-Class Production Support.

We are adding new support entitlements for Cloud Provider Partners. By opening a support request with the new support entitlement, VMware support engineers provide dedicated focus on Cloud Provider and Managed Service Provider Partner’s support requests.

This support entitlement is being assigned to each partner’s entitlement account over the course of the weeks following this announcement. Partners can monitor their account details in the Customer Connect portal for these updates.

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