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Cloud Director service Now Available for Cloud Providers via AWS Strategic Resell

VMware Cloud Director service is the leading cloud service-delivery platform to deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources. It is the ideal way to manage multi-tenant SDDC services on top VMware cloud infrastructure.

Whilst the value proposition of VMware Cloud on AWS is compelling, cost is often a barrier to entry for smaller and medium business customers who do not have the workload density for an entire production SDDC. 

VMware Cloud Director service enables partners to expand their current VMware Cloud on AWS offering with a multi-tenant public cloud solution.

As of this week, partners can buy Cloud Director service through Amazon Web Services. Via this route, partners are billed directly by AWS. Cloud Director service complements VMware Cloud on AWS, which is available via the same route.

Via this model, partners can take advantage of AWS partner programs such as the Amazon Web Services Enterprise Discount Program. Customer management and on-boarding is done via the familiar Cloud Partner Navigator portal.

AWS resell order flow

Cloud Director service Benefits

Cloud Director service provides a consistent user experience over multiple cloud architectures and genuinely delivers on the hybrid cloud promise.

Cloud Director service is the SaaS incarnation of Cloud Director on-premises and delivers the same high value infrastructure and application services. By doing so, Cloud Providers can create multi-tenant environments on VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructures, to provide a right-sized cloud to tenants to meet their requirement.

Cloud Providers can sell virtualized resources to differing tenants (customers) and enterprises, typically who are large enough to warrant it or can sell virtualized resources to internal ‘Lines of Business’ (LOB), both with complete segregation and control.

But Cloud Director is not just about multi-tenancy; it is also a service delivery platform with networks, security, storage, application catalogs, extensibility services from a rich partner ecosystem, GPU services and native Tanzu Kubernetes support as well as AWS native service adjacency.

Cloud Director service delivers on many use cases, not only right-sized virtualized infrastructure for tenants, but also enables very quick and easy geographical expansion. Do you have customers who have a global presence and require cloud services in different geographies? Adding new VMware Cloud on AWS instances in regions around the world is done in a few clicks, and connecting them to Cloud Director service is seamless.

More use cases can be found in our recent blog post on Cloud Director service expansion.

How to get started

Partners who want to purchase Cloud Director service through Amazon Web Services can talk to their AWS or VMware sales representative.

Learn more

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