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vApp Templates Migration using VMware Cloud Director Availability and more

VMware Cloud Director catalogs simplify and accelerate vApp deployment and management within an organization, making them essential for the organization and provider administrators.

With VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3.1, the set of available actions for maintaining the vApp templates grows, as we are happy to introduce the vApp template migration feature. 

Instead of synchronizing the whole catalog using the existing VMware Cloud Director capabilities, administrators can now select one or multiple templates to be migrated to a destination catalog in the same or another VMware Cloud Director cloud, including the template metadata.

The source can be a private, shared or subscribed catalog, and the destination can be any that is not a read-only one. The flow is clear and straightforward, similar to a standard vApp or VM migration. Administrators need to specify the source catalog and select the vApp template or templates to be migrated. The destination VDC and storage policy are required to point where the intermediate vApp is stored before the migration starts. This might lead to short-term use of double storage at the destination site.

Then the destination catalog is selected when initiating the migration.

You can watch this video for a detailed explanation of how to use the feature.

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3.1 also enhances the L2 network stretch by adding support for selecting Edge Gateways scoped to a data center group when creating L2 sessions in addition to the existing option of selecting Edge Gateways scoped only to an organization VDC in VMware Cloud Director.

This maintenance release has additional functionality and overall resiliency improvements, such as showing the latest instance of a migration and better support bundles for more effective troubleshooting.

You can check the release notes for more information.

Upgrading to VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3.1 can be done directly from, and 4.3. Please refer to our documentation for upgrading from other versions.

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