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Feature Fridays 87 – vRealize Operations Cloud

Welcome to Feature Fridays episode 87, in this episode I am joined by Joerg Lew and Brandon Gordon to discuss vRealize Operations Cloud and how Cloud Providers can benefit from the solution. vRealize Operations Cloud is a VMware SaaS version of the on-premises vRealize Operations and is available under the Cloud Provider MSP contract. It provides all the same functionality as the on-premises version, but with very low operational overhead – not more deployment of vRealize Operations, just a simple proxy collector and you have instance access to all of your estates or individual proxy deployment for private clouds.

The benefits of this solution are easy to see, with the capability to instantly spin up instances from the Cloud Partner Navigator console, Cloud Providers are able to offer self service monitoring to customers who wish it, with a Cloud Provider curated view and capability, keeping consistency for all tenants. Or Cloud Providers can use the solution to manage their own estates and provide managed services automated reporting to their customers. No cloud should be without basic monitoring services and this is a significant step up in the basic capabilities in Tenant App. The last time I spoke to a Cloud Provider about the value this had brought to their business, I remember one point in particular that stuck in my mind, “vRealize Operations instantly identified a number of issues we have been having over the last year or so that we simply couldn’t solve” – ie well worth the investment!

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So don’t delay, watch the video to understand how you can use vRealize Operations to improve your environment, optimize your performance, increase your sustainability and deliver essential value added services to your tenants today.


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