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VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad is now GA

In our continuing efforts of enhancing the products to help drive growth of our providers and their customers, we are glad to announce the GA of VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad (ALP) version

This release resolves the two main issues that were found previously.

Launching an imported container application

When trying to launch a new container app, users were unable to launch it after the import, and saw the status:
Chart download link is not readily configured for the container application
This has now been addressed and the imported container apps can be launched.

Container Service Extension (CSE) clusters deployment

In some cases, users found that the CSE clusters with Edge NAT setting for NSX-V-backed VMware Cloud Director appeared as ‘unavailable’ in App Launchpad locations, limiting the cluster for any container deployments.
This issue has been resolved in this release enabling the user to utilize their CSE clusters.

In addition to these upgrades, other known issues are also addressed in this release.

In-place Upgrade

Users can now perform an in-place upgrade to ALP from versions:
ALP 2.1.1
ALP 2.1
ALP 2.0


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