Feature Friday vRealize Network Insight Cloud

Feature Fridays 84 – vRealize Network Insight Cloud assessment

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This week we are back looking at vRealize Network Insight Cloud and specifically focusing on the excellent Application assessment capabilities, particularly useful for migration and on going managed services. vRealize Network Insight Cloud is a comprehensive solution covering assessment, migration and day 2 operations of virtualized and physical estate components.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud offers all capabilities of VMware vRealize Network Insight (the on-premises version). It enables Cloud Providers to accelerate customer application security and networking across private, public and hybrid clouds. For Cloud Providers this is an excellent utility to help right size bids and reduce risk by assessing new customers pre migration and ongoing management post migration to your cloud, get visibility of applications, security posture and recommended firewall rules as well as help automate migrations.

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Fast track your customer with a good understanding of their estate for onboarding means a faster time to revenue and lower bid costs as you remove risk from unknown elements with thorough understanding of what you are taking on and migrating. Free trails are available for vRealize Network Insight Cloud and vRealize Operations Cloud, which together make a formidable solution for understanding customer estates and also additional value in ongoing managed services and service quality.


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