In October 2021, we released Container Service Extension (CSE) 3.1.1 that supported the secured provisioning and orchestration of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid multi-cloud (TKGm) clusters. Now, we are glad to announce the general availability of CSE 3.1.2. This is an exciting step forward in the Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution with TKGm capabilities.

CSE 3.1.2 mainly focuses on delivering:

Automated TKGm Cluster Management

With the introduction of Cluster API Provider for VMware Cloud Director, simply put CAPVCD, the cluster lifecycle management is greatly simplified as it allows the VMware Cloud Director (VCD) users to use standards-based Cluster API to create TKGm-based clusters. CSE 3.1.2 allows you to deploy highly available TKGm based clusters with a multi-node control plane that is fronted with an Avi load balancer. This ensures both better network performance and protecting clusters against a wide range of failure. With CAPVCD, users will be able to create & manage TKGm clusters in one unified mechanism. This also helps in offloading admins from performing non-trivial tasks across clusters at scale.
On the management part, users can now manage i.e., Create, Read, Update & Delete & upgrade using kubernetes-style APIs and patterns to automate cluster lifecycle management on the VCD platform.

Extended Kubernetes Functionality

With CSE 3.1.2, users can now install user-managed packages like: Harbor Fluent Bit, Grafana, and Prometheus from the tanzu-standard package repository into their K8s cluster using Tanzu CLI. This enables users to expand beyond the basic capabilities of their K8s clusters.
Another step forward is the ability to deploy Bitnami catalog items into the TKGm clusters using VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad (ALP)

CSE 3.1.2 has also been incorporated with a new command option to force delete clusters and its associated resources which were not fully created and were left in an unremovable state. Know more about how to use the command here.


Download the CSE 3.1.2 plug-in

CSE 3.1.2 Release Notes

Technical Overview of CSE 3.1.2

Upgrading to CSE 3.1.2 will help cloud providers to equip their customers with extended kubernetes capabilities and the future innovation possibilities that can be brought to their portfolio.



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