Feature Friday Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager

Feature Friday -Episode 76

VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager 1.2

Welcome to episode 76! In this week’s show I am joined by Bhaskar and Amith to discuss the new 1.2 capabilities of Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager (CPLCM) 1.2.

CPLCM is an evolution of automation delivering Day 0 and 1,2 automation for deployment of a modern VMware cloud infrastructure and ongoing patching and upgrades. This is an important solution for our VMware Cloud Providers; there are many ways they can deliver a VMware cloud service to customers – build your own cloud, buy a hyper-converged cloud or utilize a VMware hyper-scale cloud. Each method has its own merit but building your own is typically the highest operational cost to complete and maintain. CP LCM offers consistency in the build, enabling you to maximize platform stability, it offers best practice VVD deployment, enabling you to scale with confidence and it offers you upgrades, enabling you to get on with your business rather than worrying about interoperability and design.

Some of our largest cloud providers use CP LCM to deliver a repeatable and sustainable cloud footprint. 1.2 brings some more ease of use, updated stack and CLI amongst other enhancements. Watch this Feature Friday to find out more.

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