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NEW pricing and metering capabilities with vRealize Operations Tenant App 8.6

We’re excited to share the availability of vRealize Operations Tenant App 8.6. With each release of the Tenant App, more metrics and more logic are exposed, providing more functionality to the tenant dashboard views. vRealize Operations Tenant app 8.6 offers new pricing policies and additional metering capability for Cloud Providers to price and meter NSX-T based data, Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters, and CSE Kubernetes Clusters. This release brings an enhanced user interface with new pricing constructs for Edge gateway of VCD pricing and Storage pricing for VCDA replication objects driving ease of billing experience for Providers.

Metering and Pricing for NSX-T based data

Tenant App 8.6 has a new UI offering NSX-T as an endpoint that supports metering and pricing of NSX-T based networks, as more providers transition from NSX-V to NSX-T. These pricing policies for base rate and slab pricing support NSX-T firewall rules, L2VPN count, and Load balancer count. This is in addition to data in, data out, bandwidth in, bandwidth out that were enabled for pricing in the previous release.

Metering and Pricing for Tanzu K8s and CSE K8s clusters

With Tenant App 8.6, Providers can now meter and price for Tanzu K8s clusters and CSE K8s clusters and objects below an Org VDC. Providers can do this based on certain attributes of K8s like CPU, Memory, Storage allocated, VCPU allocated and Number of pod VMs/Nodes. You can define and charge based on both base rate and slab pricing, with cost data reflected in respective bills.

Edge gateway of VCD pricing based on metadata

Tenant App 8.6 brings providers the ability to price for edge gateway based on metadata such as – fixed cost, rate factors, alternate pricing policy for edge gateway and the option to add fixed costs. Rate factors in Tenant App can be used to denote increase or decrease in prices against the individual resources consumed by the Virtual Machine, or the whole charge against the VM. Data in, Data out, Bandwidth in, Bandwidth out – offer flexibility to Providers that want to charge based on defined pricing factors using Metadata Key Tags, and the respective details are also reflected on the bill.

Storage Pricing for VCDA replication objects

In this release, Tenant App 8.6 offers Providers an enhanced user interface for Storage pricing for VCDA replication objects. Now, providers can see a summarized view of storage profiles at Org VDC level, helping you clearly demarcate between Storage profiles and replication objects. Also, storage charge for replication objects now appears on the replication object itself. This gives providers the flexibility to charge only for replication objects using Provider’s customized rates and not use independent disks rates, making the billing experience for VCDA seamless for providers.

To find out more about the vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director check the documentation here.

To add Monitoring-as-a-Service and chargeback capabilities to your environment, please download:


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