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Monetize self-service multi-cloud management with the NEW VCD endpoint for vRA

As your customers selectively embrace the public cloud for a portion of their business, they are starting to realize the advantages of cloud and now require a public cloud-like self-service experience for on-premises environments. Per research on self-service clouds from Freeform dynamics, 43% of customers surveyed say ‘Self-service’ is a key enabler of effective DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

What is VCD endpoint for vRA?
VMware Cloud Director endpoint for vRealize Automation automates self-service multi-cloud management with vRealize Automation and VMware Cloud Director. With this release, vRealize Automation customers can now connect to a VMware Cloud Director environment and quickly leverage Cloud Director-based clouds and drive Cloud director services directly from vRA templates.

This new endpoint provides the best of both worlds – the advantages of vRA and VCD for both customers and providers. With vRA, customers can leverage modern templating, catalog, governance, pipelining, and extensibility, while VCD brings in multi-tenanted infrastructure and vApp catalogs.

Benefits of the new VCD endpoint for VRA:

Monetize VCD resources with Customers vRA BYOL

  • Provider value: With VMware Cloud Director as an endpoint for vRA, Providers can upsell Cloud Provider SDDC resources – Compute, Network and Storage, to customer DevOps and QA teams for their projects. VCD endpoint for vRA enables providers to support vRA Advanced customers in addition to vRA Enterprise customers helping our VMware Cloud Provider Partners cater to an exclusive segment of customers, and differentiate their offerings from hyperscalers.
  • Customer value: Customers now have the flexibility to bring their own license and connect to VMware Cloud Director as an endpoint with both vRA advanced and vRA enterprise licenses. Customers also have the choice to work with over 1100 trusted VMware Cloud Provider Partners who own and operate VCD, especially in locations where Hyperscaler Clouds are not available

Enabling Provider IT to auto-deploy solutions for internal DevOps and QA teams

As Cloud Providers, you can use vRealize Automation to deploy into VCD for your own use case. With VCD endpoint for vRA, vRA offers service management controls that help you maintain control and authorization of changes in your VCD environment.

Providers can define and manage templates, policies, approvals for your IT teams and can even offer templates in a self-service consumable catalog format. Provider IT teams now gain the ability to apply the same self-service catalog, content, and policies, providing centralized and streamlined operations with unified visibility and management across multi-cloud environments. In addition, you can reduce your auto-deployment time from almost a day to a few minutes while saving on development costs and preventing installation and configuration failures.

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