Feature Friday VMware Cloud Director Availability

Feature Friday Episode 71 – Cloud Director Availability 4.3 update

With the launch of VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3, DRaaS and Migration has got a new edge. Now with an ultra-fast 1 minute RPO business can address a mission critical tier of service protection. Advanced Retention rules deliver more control over the retention period of a replication allowing 5 sets of rules to govern the replication cycles. Lastly DR and Migration Plans allow the provider or the tenant to manage the order of VMs failing over, set waiting times, and even include prompts for confirming the success of the executed step. They are based on already configured replications and can include both VMs and vApps. Once created, the plan can later be modified to change the VMs/vApps included, add additional steps, or remove existing ones. Like the DR Plans, the Migration Plans offer the same capabilities with one addition – setting the initial sync time to save time when the migration happens. You can also run a test execution for both the DR and Migration plans.

These key features and much more in 4.3 increases the breadth of the service you can offer to tenants and with the additional controls and speed, and, with these new capabilities provide a possible scope to look at replacing your existing DR / Migration solution!

Join Nikolay and myself as we dive into these key updates and look at what other new functionality and updates have been delivered in the 4.3 release.


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