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Feature Friday Episode 67 – vRealize Automation Adaptor for VMware Cloud Director

As of vRealize Automation 8.6 we added an out of the box endpoint for VMware Cloud Director 10.2 (or greater), so you can use your tenant org VDC as an endpoint to provision virtual machines directly into the orgVDC.

This provides a number of use case options;

  • Tenant owned vRealize Automation can connect to a provider managed Cloud Director instance and drive their own ‘public cloud’ machines into their secure OrgVDC.
  • Providers could use vRealize Automation for service management of their own service delivery or their own operations teams service catalogs and daily operations.
  • Of course if customers have Cloud Director and vRealize Automation, then they can drive Cloud Director directly from the public APIs that are prepackaged in this out of the box Cloud Director endpoint in vRealize Automation.

Watch this Feature Friday with @Jerg Lew to get the low down of this new capability, how it is much better than previous integrations and how it functions.

As mentioned at the end of the session, there are some resources to find out more; this great introduction & overview blog by Karl Fultz and of course official documentation here


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