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Feature Friday Episode 58 – Zero Carbon Committed with Equinix

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This session is vital for Cloud Providers that are looking to take their sustainability agenda to the next level by joining forces with VMware on Zero Carbon Committed program initiative (ZCC). As environment sustainability has become a major new battleground for cloud computing business, it is extremely important for Cloud Providers to collaborate with partners who can offer cloud continuum with sustainability and ESG goal innovation as a priority. VMware is doing exactly that with its Zero Carbon Committed initiative after, having achieved 100% carbon neutrality in 2019. 

VMware recognizes the collective Carbon footprint from all our partners is high therefore, the Zero Carbon Committed initiative is designed to recognize our partners who are on a journey to achieve zero carbon targets and renewable energy goals. ESG environmental initiatives are attracting socially conscious investors and it is important that partners not only have an ESG strategy for the good of the planet, but also to ensure continuing business as more and more customers look to ESG values in their partners. In this session, I am joined by Nicola Peill-Moelter, Director of Sustainability at VMware and Jennifer Ruch also the Director of Sustainability at Equinix to discuss VMware’s Zero Carbon Committed program.  

Watch the full video to understand how Equinix is taking incremental steps to bring sustainability to over 120 datacentres spread in 6 countries and find out how you can raise ESG value for your customers in conjunction with VMware Zero Carbon Committed initiatives. 

Supporting link: 

  1. Connect with VMware Zero Carbon Committed Cloud today. https://cloud.vmware.com/providers/zero-carbon    
  2. VMware Sustainability report: https://www.vmware.com/2030agenda.html  


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