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Feature Friday Episode 49 – GAIA-X overview

Where’s the time going….episode 49….! This series is almost a year old, that’s a lot of content. We hope you have found it useful, if you have any feedback please reach us a

In this episode I’m joined by our resident GAIA-X expert Laurent Allard to discuss the project and VMware’s involvement, but also how this will affect you, our cloud providers.

A Federated Data Infrastructure Europe

For those that are new to this, GAIA-X is a European initiative for efficient, competitive, secure and trustworthy federation of data infrastructure and ecosystem service providers. Its aim is to develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure. The resulting federated form of data infrastructure strengthens the ability to both access and share data securely and confidently to boost a digital economy.

You’ll have to watch the Feature Friday to learn more! Suffice to say there is a lot of potential opportunity here for our Cloud Providers with their significant investment in data centers, but also the data gravity they already have with some of the GAIA-X data spaces.


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