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Feature Friday Episode 48 – Build a Compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Business

This week I’m joined by Gerrit Lehr one of our prominent Cloud Solution Strategists to discuss a new white-paper he has written covering the Business Opportunity for our VMware Cloud Providers to Deliver a Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Business. This white-paper builds on the original IAAS TCO foundation white paper. These assets are really important if you are looking at either starting your cloud business with VMware or looking at the next phase for your cloud business with VMware.

As many of our cloud providers continue to excel and remain very profitable delivering managed services on a VMware IAAS, the next phase of digital transformation needs application skills and additional managed services. The typical response is to do this straight away in a hyper-scale cloud like AWS or Azure, but this isn’t the only approach. You can have a very profitable modern apps and managed application cloud business utilizing your existing VMware investments and taking advantage of our new application dev ready cloud solutions.

Watch this Feature Friday to learn more about some of the thinking behind this this paper. You will need your Partner Connect login to access the paper.


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