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vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.6 released

The vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.6 provides cloud consumption dashboard, performance and capacity information as well as metering capabilities that allow the service providers to chargeback their customer base and individual customers to review their billing data.

New features of Tenant App 2.6

Pricing for NSX-T based data
In this release, Tenant App 2.6 adds pricing policies for NSX-T data-based metrics. This is a feature that a lot of our partners have requested for as they are transitioning from NSX-V to NSX-T. The availability of this feature enhances the metering and pricing capability for NSX-T based networks. You can add pricing policies for data in/data out, and are now able to attach a dollar number to measuring NSX-T usage.

Pricing for Cloud Director Availability
We had enabled metering for Cloud Director Availability with the last release. With this release we are enabling pricing policies for Cloud Director Availability including rate cards, storage by GB and SLA profiles. We have a dedicated section for VCDA replication objects, storage used, storage policy and testing.

Pricing for ephemeral VMs
With the improved granularity in the pricing engine it is now possible to price short lived (or) ephemeral VMs with an granularity of 5 minutes.

Pricing for “Used” storage
In the past release, we had enabled providers to charge for storage configured at the VM level. There is improved pricing granularity in this release where providers are now able to charge for storage used.

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