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VMware Cloud Provider Specialist 2021 Exam is here!

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I am happy to introduce our newly released and updated version of the VMware Cloud Provider Specialist exam!

Guy Bartram and I discussed the exam in the Feature Friday, but I’ll be going into a little more detail in this post.

VMware Cloud Specialist Exam Introduction

The VMware Cloud Provider Specialist exam was introduced in 2019 as our initial entry into a VMware Cloud Provider certification track. The goal of this exam to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform.

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To be more specific, the consumption of VMware Cloud Director along with core functions of this service delivery platform. If a candidate passes this exam, they will have a level of qualification that demonstrates a well-rounded understanding of the design, deployment, and operational concepts within Cloud Director.

As a VMware Cloud Provider partner, this exam will “up-level” your teams’ level of knowledge on working with VMware Cloud Provider solutions.

As a VMware Cloud Provider engineer, utilize this exam as a level of qualification that demonstrates your level of knowledge.

Our goal is to continue to expand a Cloud Provider certification track – so your consumption is appreciated!

This is a 60 minute, web-delivered exam. There are 40 questions, but be prepared for questions that test your working knowledge of the platform.

What’s New in the Specialist Exam?

The Cloud Provider Specialist exam has been completely re-written from the ground up. Our goal has been to have a solution focused exam while understanding common cloud provider scenarios.

VMware Solution Architecture, Professional Services, Global Support, and VMware Cloud Provider partners comprised the team that developed this new exam. Personally, I am very pleased by the level of collaboration by the development team.

While the blueprint covers the complete outline, expect questions on the following solutions:

  1. VMware Cloud Director
  2. Use Case discussion on Cloud Foundation, Container Service Extension, and other integration points of VCD
  3. VMware Cloud Director Availability
  4. vRealize Operations Tenant App
  5. NSX-T integration with VCD

This exam was written in the context of VMware Cloud Director 10.2. Just as a snippet, this is a jam-packed release of many different enhancements and new services available –

VCD 10.2 Features

Initial Guidance for the Specialist exam

Everyone always looks for initial guidance on newly released VMware exams. Here’s what I’ll provide to get you started.

  1. Read and memorialize the blueprint! I can’t stress this enough. This will tell you exactly on what to prepare for.
    1. Secondly, we have many resources directly linked within the blueprint – pay attention to these.
  2. Understand the new capabilities within VCD 10.2 – especially the net new integration points.
  3. If you’re new to VCD, please take one of our VMware Education courses! We have recently released the Advanced Networking with NSX-T Data Center course, please watch out for availability.

Get Started on your certification!

Here’s the link to the landing page for the new exam along with the exam registration.

We are looking forward to seeing our global community pass this exam! Got any questions? Drop a comment below!


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