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vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 and 4.2 Will Go End-of-Support Soon!


End of support of vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1 and 4.2 

With vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 now available, we want to announce that the following versions will go end-of-support soon: 

  • vCloud Usage Meter 4.2 – End-of-Support Date: 05-30-2021  
  • vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1- End-of-Support Date: 07-31-2021 

Usage Meter 4.0 and 4.1 are already End-of-Support, and partners should upgrade those appliances immediately. 

If you aren’t familiar with where to find out more about product lifecycle events, take a look at VMware’s official site here: https://lifecycle.vmware.com/#/

What to do? 

If you are running any of the above versions, you can do the following: 

  • Migrate configuration from Usage Meter 3.6.1 to 4.4.
  • Perform an in-place upgrade from UM 4.1/4.2 to UM 4.4

Instructions on migrating from Usage Meter 3.6.1 to Usage Meter 4.4 are provided in the vCloud Usage Meter documentation

Check the following video or documentation to learn how to perform an in-place upgrade from Usage Meter 4.X to 4.4.

Note: You need to switch to Flex Pricing Model before migrating to Usage Meter 4.4. Legacy bundles will go end-of-support on 7/31/2021. Check the following video or information to learn how to switch to Flex.  

Note: Migrating from 3.X to 4.X does not migrate historical data, like older versions used to. This is because there is no database in the Usage Meter 4.X appliances. Make sure to still archive your old appliances as required by the VMware Cloud Provider Program. 

Note: You can check for metering changes before migrating/upgrading to vCloud Usage Meter 4.4. Read the following KB article if you wish to compare the metering of your vCloud Usage Meter with vCloud Usage Meter 4.4. 

What does vCloud Usage Meter 4.X offer? 

vCloud Usage Meter 4.X and onward meters more VCPP products and features than its predecessors. What’s more, Usage Meter 4.X has improved notifications sent every time there is an issue with your usage meter with information on how to solve it. In vCloud Usage Meter 4.X, usage data is collected and sent to the vCloud Usage Insight service, which aggregates the collected data for the reporting period and sends it to VMware Commerce Portal at the beginning of the following reporting month.

The Usage Meter 4.X architecture allows partners to worry less about making sure Usage Meter is up to date with the Product Usage Guide since all billing logic, and report processing is done in Usage Insight. Partners only need to work about that Usage Meter [version]

Look at the following table to compare the latest vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 with 3.6.1.

Usage Meter 3.6.1 w/ HP5 VS 4.4 

What’s new in Usage Meter 4.4?

In Usage Meter 4.4, we completed feature parity since Usage Meter 4.3 was focused on Collector parity. This means that Usage Meter 4.4 introduced LDAP, Customer Monthly Reporting, and some other adjustments like adding Tanzu Standard as an option for Tanzu metering.

Important considerations 

Partners who want to utilize vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 must take into account the following information: 

  1. If you are running vCenter Server 5.5, you should use Usage Meter 4.4 and skip the 4.3 release.
  2. You can register a Usage Meter 4.4 appliance in Test mode without switching to the Flex Pricing Model, but to move to Production Mode, you need to signup for Flex.
  3. NSX & vSAN feature mapping to edition changed and 4.4 will meter editions a little differently. Usage Meter 4.X is based on the correct mapping as shown in the Product Usage Guide.

When is the right time to upgrade? 

If you are using vCloud Usage Meter 3.6.1, you should migrate now to Usage Meter 4.4 and configure it for Test Mode. On the 5th of the following month, move Usage Meter 4.4 to Production Mode, and delete the 3.6.1 Usage Meter from auto-reporting if you registered it. This way you do not meter the same environments from two Usage Meters simultaneously.

If you are using vCloud Usage Meter 4.2, upgrade to vCloud Usage Meter 4.4 now using the in-place upgrade process. Take a look at the instructions here

Note: If you wish to compare the metering of your usage meter with a later version, you will need to do it for one entire reporting cycle before upgrading. This means metering your environment from two versions of Usage Meter simultaneously, but one is set to Test Mode and the other to Production Mode.

If you need assistance with the upgrade of your Usage Meter appliances, contact us at: usagemeter@vmware.com.


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  1. I’ve tried to send an email with these questions, but it was returned rejected:
    1) when does UM 4.4 release
    2) will it allow automated collection of (the product formerly known as?) View usage information?

    1. Hello A Hettinger,

      Usage Meter 4.4 will be launched very soon. I cannot comment on the exact date as it is subject to change.

      As for your second question, can you provide more information? What is the name of the product which you wish to be metered by Usage Meter?

      Best regards,
      Galina Slavova
      Cloud Technical Marketing Writer/VMware Inc.

      1. It used to be View, I think it’s just part of Horizon now. Changing names makes it really hard to keep everyone on the same page.

        Ultimately, though, we’re charged per concurrent user, but UM has never had a way to track that. I haven’t had a way to track it with powershell either. Every month I have to manually log into the connection server, collect screen-shots of maximum concurrent users, I don’t know what happens from there, as I’m not the one to handle it.

        Both me and the person who I collect this for (who deals with paying our licensing fees) have always wanted this to be part of UM’s collection. We’ve never been comfortable with being on the “honor system” for any kind of licensing.

        1. As our Product Manager Luis Ayuso mentioned, Horizon View metering is planned to be included in vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, ETA in October/November. We constantly try to improve the product metering and add more VMware products that can be metered. Customer feedback is of utmost importance for us, and we try to address it as quickly as possible. Please feel free to share any thoughts or feedback either here or at usagemeter@vmware.com. The email address is operational and monitored by our team. Thank you for your valuable comments.

    2. UM 4.4 now available and Horizon View is being planned for 4.5, to be released in roughly 6 months. There is some big things coming in 4.5.

    1. Hello Rohit Kumar,

      There will be an announcement today!

      Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      Galina Slavova
      Cloud Technical Marketing Writer/VMware Inc.

    1. Hello Y,

      Yes, Usage Meter 4.4 supports only metering of vCenter 5.5. It cannot be installed on vCenter Server 5.5. You can check the VMware Interoperability Matrix as well. Unselect the options below Hide Legacy Releases to view the vCenter 5.5 releases. This is the direct link to the Usage Meter 4.4 compatibility with vCenter releases:


      Best regards,
      Galina Slavova
      Cloud Technical Marketing Writer/VMware Inc.

    2. Yes, we tested for VC 5.5. Though partners should be upgrading their environments. We don’t announce support for VC 5.5 due to it being EOL and you cannot open support cases for supporting EOL products.

  2. Hi,

    Since 1st of June, I have both UM in production mode, 3.6 and 4.3. Today I will eliminate the 3.6 version from VCP portal. I have to wait until tomorrow (5th) or I can do it today as I have planned?


    1. Yes you should be able to do that any time.

      The migration process from 3.6.1 to 4.X from a reporting perspective should look like this:

      Months for Reporting

      • Month 1 = UM 3.6 in Production, UM 4.X Registered in Test | Usage from 3.6.1
      • Month 2 = UM 3.6 in Test before end of month, UM 4.X changed to Production anytime in the month | Usage from 4.X
      • Month 1 = UM 3.6 Removed from VUI and appliance archived, UM 4.X in Production | Usage from 4.X

      Hope that helps!

  3. Dear Team,

    In the blog article, under the section about when it is time to update one thing is missing: version 4.3

    We are using usage meter 4.3 currently. So my question is: is it necessary to update UM 4.3 right now? If not, when should we do it?

    Also: the email address offered here rejects emails! (Someone mentioned this before, and it’s still not fixed……)


    1. Hello Marianna,

      Usage Meter 4.3 is still supported. You can switch to Usage Meter 4.4 if you need any of the following features: Customer Monthly Usage Reports or LDAP support.

      You can check the following VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix to learn when a particular version will go end-of-support. For UM 4.3, this will be 11-05-21. This is the link:https://lifecycle.vmware.com/#/.

      To switch from Usage Meter 4.3 to 4.4, you need to either perform an in-place upgrade from UM 4.3 to UM 4.4 or decommission UM 4.3 and install Usage Meter 4.4. If you choose the latter, you need to register the new UM 4.4 with a contract in VMware Commerce Portal. And you will also need to add your VMware products anew in the Usage Meter 4.4 web application.

      Information on how to decommission a Usage Meter instance, you can find here: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/85278?lang=en_US&queryTerm=85278

      Information on how to perform an in-place upgrade, you can find here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vCloud-Usage-Meter/4.4/Getting-Started-vCloud-Usage-Meter/GUID-AE5A81E1-097A-4EED-9A8E-8BF7E0B378A4.html

      As for the usagemeter@vmware.com email address, our colleagues are working on resolving the issue with the not-accepted incoming emails.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,
      Galina Slavova
      Cloud Technical Marketing Writer/ VMware Inc.

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