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VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Transit Connect Intra-Region Peering with AWS Transit Gateway

With the launch of AWS Transit Gateway Intra-region Peering, VMware Cloud on AWS adds the capability to connect VMware Transit Connect to an external AWS Transit Gateway in the same region, further simplifying networking between VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs and native AWS VPC resources.

At AWS re:Invent 2021, AWS announced the ability to peer VMware Transit Connect to AWS TGWs in the same region, also referred to as intra-region peering. VMware and AWS have been working on this solution diligently and we are excited to announce VMware Cloud on AWS support for this new capability in this blog. Equally exciting is that this feature will be available to all VMware Cloud on AWS customers with SDDCs that are on any version. To get access to this feature, please reach out to your VMware account team.

To get deep-dive understanding of this capability and to get started with it, check out this deep-dive blog

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility for separate teams managing SDDC domain and AWS VPC domains to control connectivity and build advanced use cases.
  • Scale SDDCs and native AWS VPCs independently without additional overhead of managing additional attachments and route tables
  • High bandwidth connectivity between your SDDCs and native AWS VPCs within the same region.
  • Realize cost savings by scaling SDDC deployments without incurring additional data processing charges for data transferred over an intra-region peering attachment to/from Transit Connect.

Key Use cases

  1. Traditional enterprise applications in VMware Cloud on AWS require connectivity to cloud native applications in AWS VPCs.
  2. As enterprises modernize their applications, they rely on a wide range of cloud native resources and services in multiple VPCs.
Figure 1. VMware Transit Connect peering to AWS TGW in the same region

VMware Transit Connect has proven itself as a valuable tool to enable high bandwidth, low latency connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS customers and their Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). There are more than 100 customers using this feature across the fleet in a myriad of combinations. Since the initial offering in 2020, we have worked with  AWS, to expand the service’s capabilities to include SDDC Grouping across multiple regions in addition to support for varied connectivity models.  These capabilities combine to provide a comprehensive networking solution to address some of the most challenging networking requirements. For more details on the key features of VMware Transit Connect, please see the VMware Transit Connect and recent enhancements blogs.