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Google Cloud VMware Engine Saves Over 45% on TCO in First Study

Save Time, Save Money with Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers an enterprise-grade VMware stack running natively in Google Cloud. The benefits of Google Cloud VMware Engine are:

  • It offers one of the fastest paths to the cloud for VMware workloads without making changes to existing applications or operating models across a variety of use-cases.
  • It helps customers achieve its objectives for rapid data center exit, application lift and shift, disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure, and application modernization.

Google Cloud VMware Engine empowers customers to accelerate “cloud-first” business strategies by modernizing applications, workloads, services, and consumption models.  What makes Google Cloud VMware Engine unique is that customers can also leverage the power of Google platform technologies, reaching 1 billion users daily, and value-driven Google Cloud Services, such as Google BiqQuery, to translate information into intelligence.

So how does Google Cloud VMware Engine drive quantitative, measurable business outcomes for customers?

Over the past few months, the VMware Cloud Economics team has conducted Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies to demonstrate the value of the Google Cloud VMware Engine for our customers.  I am pleased to share the results of those studies.  You will discover the compelling impact Google Cloud VMware Engine offers to customers not only to cost savings but also in the amount of time saved to support workloads.  We have observed these TCO savings on current state environments running over a 3-year period, and in all cases, GCVE produces positive results.

Results Summary: Google Cloud VMware Engine TCO

GCVE Economics Stats

Google Cloud VMware Engine: 45% TCO Savings, On Average

The results of our TCO savings produce an average savings of 45% from the current environment.  Over a 3-year period, the average savings is $2.2M.  One of the biggest benefits of Google Cloud VMware Engine is that it offers the same, familiar VMware experience you have now. All the applications running on vSphere 5.5 can immediately run on a private cloud in Google Cloud VMware Engine with no changes. You’ll now be running on the latest release of vSphere 7, and when VMware releases patches, updates, and upgrades, Google Cloud keeps the infrastructure up to date for you.

The impact in average labor savings, based on our study, is $112K per year. 

Migrate to Cloud in Minutes

Migrating to the cloud is also the first step toward getting out of the business of managing your data center and into embracing an OpEx subscription-based model with a predictable cash outflow.  Google Cloud VMware Engine allows you to leverage your existing virtualized infrastructure to make for a smooth migration. You can use the same VMware tools to migrate your on-premises vSphere applications to vSphere in your own private cloud, and the result has a cost savings impact. For the TCO studies we have done, the average migration time savings was 9.78 months.

Want a quick summary of our TCO findings? Download this handy Google Cloud VMware Engine Economics Infographic.

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