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How to Use Content Libraries in vRealize Automation 8 and vRealize Automation Cloud

vCenter content libraries allow customers to automatically sync content across multiple sites or vCenter instances. In this article, we demonstrate how easy it is to use content libraries in vRealize Automation 8 and vRealize Automation Cloud.


Content libraries in vCenter provide a centralized location to store content, such as virtual machine templates and ISO images. The great thing about content libraries is that administrators can update content, such as templates,  and have it sync automatically across the entire infrastructure, while maintaining consistency, compliance and efficiency. 

But can this content be used for deployments in vRealize Automation? Yes! In vRealize Automation 8 (vRA 8) and vRealize Automation Cloud (vRA Cloud), infrastructure administrators can use content libraries across multiple vCenter instances or cloud accounts. 



  • All templates stored locally in vSphere content libraries must be synchronized and vRealize Automation inventory scan must be completed after library synchronization. 
  • vRealize Automation 8.0 or higher or vRealize Automation Cloud must be configured.
  • Cloud Accounts, Projects, and Cloud Zones must be configured within vRealize Automation.



vCenter templates used within vRA 8 or vRA Cloud are mapped via ‘Image Mappings’. To leverage content via content libraries, we’ll map them just as we would a standard vCenter template.  

1. Create a new Image Mapping.

2. Complete details, including the image name and the Account/Region.

3. Click ‘Search for images ’and select the appropriate  content library o Hover over the object to see the full template name.

4. Complete the constraints details, if there are any.

5. Select the blue plus icon to add additional regions, etc.

6. Review your image mapping before clicking ‘Create’.

7. Continue creating your flavor mappings or blueprint.

That’s it! vRA 8/vRA Cloud makes using content libraries as simple as using a standard vCenter template.

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