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Achmea Accelerates Digital Transformation with VMware Cloud Foundation

Continuous and agile innovation in financial services is imperative, and is enabled with a public/hybrid cloud infrastructure and ecosystem. Companies need to be on board with today’s digital transformation journey to remain competitive. The challenge for some financial organizations is moving away from legacy infrastructure, updating business practices and difficulty hiring enough qualified IT staff. These factors lead to challenges when modernizing applications and moving to a more cost-effective and flexible hybrid cloud model. 

An organization that has made this successful transition is highlighted by a recent customer success story with Achmea, a leading financial services insurance provider in the Netherlands. In the digital economy, Achmea had an initiative to architect for agility and to support new business models. This enabled them to consolidate their deployments and applications and build a future-proof infrastructure that enables a path to a hybrid cloud environment, which will be the foundation of their digital transformation.

Achmea lays a flexible, secure and future-ready foundation to deliver better customer experiences

Achmea is an excellent example of a company partnering with VMware to take their challenges head-on and build a future-ready infrastructure. Achmea was born from a merger of insurance companies and therefore a very diverse IT environment. Cost of maintenance was high, knowledge of the systems was hard to keep up to date and it was challenging to respond quickly and deploy innovative services quickly. To stay competitive and maintain its leading position, Achmea leadership’s goal was to offer its customers the best online experience. To achieve this, the company wanted to utilize technology to quickly build new services and meet their business needs.

Achmea’s strategy was:

  • Pre-sorting on the cloud with a stable, flexible foundation
  • Enabling a faster and easier migration to the cloud
  • And stay one step ahead of their customers

Achmea partnered with VMware, implemented VMware Cloud Foundation and achieved a flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure including Microsoft Azure Cloud. Read how Achmea went about this journey in the case study located here.

“By deploying VMware technology, we managed to reduce the IT costs by 10 percent and improve productivity by 15 percent year on year.”

Bert Bouw, Director, IT Operations, ACHMEA

For more information on VMware Cloud Foundation, visit https://www.vmware.com/products/cloud-foundation.html.


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