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A Greenfield Opportunity for Alembic Pharmaceuticals with VMware Cloud Foundation

For Alembic Pharmaceuticals, the world was a green field, full of possibilities and devoid of restrictions. Figuratively, they were also faced with a greenfield. Tasked with building a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility from scratch, they wanted the best IT infrastructure to get their new facility off on the right foot. To do so, they partnered with VMware and opted for VMware Cloud Foundation to integrate hybrid cloud with a software-defined data center approach.  

A Goal for Better Speed and Clarity 

Alembic, an export-oriented pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Gujarat, India, knew from the start the type of IT infrastructure they wanted: a hybrid cloud-ready data center. Alembic identified that administrative silos were slowing their time to market, and operational and managerial oversight was murky. Additionally, Alembic wanted to achieve better speed and clarity, all while shoring up their security. 

The Cloud Rolls In 

VMware partnered with Ashtech Infotech, a system integration and IT services organization already familiar with Alembic’s IT systems. Together they implemented VMware Cloud Foundation, and the final product was a single, integrated and secure infrastructure. The standardized IT architecture and the hybrid cloud greatly simplify management. 

“VMware Cloud Foundation has enabled us to have a single, integrated, and secure infrastructure. The hybrid cloud platform has simplified management and standardized the IT architecture for us.” 

-Jitendra Mishra, CIO Alembic Pharmaceuticals

Blue Skies and a Welcome Cloud 

As a result of partnering with VMware and opting for Cloud Foundation, Alembic Pharmaceuticals saved 50% of their traditional turnaround time, enabling a faster time to market. Their administrative speed also led to a boost in productivity and better utilization of resources. The company is confident in their security, which allows them to focus more on what they do best: touch lives with their pharmaceutical solutions.  

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