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Announcing General Availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 (Updated for 4.3.1)

9.21.21 VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3.1 includes key Bill of Material (BOM) updates to vCenter Server (7.02d), vSphere ESXi (7.02c), NSX (, vRealize (8.5) and SDDC Manager (4.3.1) to incorporate many important security and robustness updates.  For more details, view the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes and VMware Cloud Foundation frequently asked questions (FAQs).  For specific information on vRealize 8.5 release please view this post

8.24.21 – The VMware Cloud Foundation team is proud to announce general availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3, bringing forward the latest innovations in full stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Hybrid Cloud Platform.

The VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 release includes the following:

Enhanced workload domain deployment and lifecycle management to support large scale VM and container architectures, robust pre-checks for vLCM for faster time to value. 

Integration with vSphere 7 Update 2, including VM Service support, AVI load balancer, security enhancements through a native key provider and confidential containers. 

Integration with vSAN 7 Update 2, provides enhancements to the vSAN Data Persistence Platform for improved cloud native storage and persistent services support, as well as enhancements to the vSAN file system support and troubleshooting.

Enhanced Multi-Cloud Management VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 now supports vRealize Suite 8.4, including the ability to automate deployment of vRealize Suite LifeCycle Management (vRSLCM) and provide a more complete cloud management experience.  

Networking Automation provides faster expansion and better scaling of NSX Edge Clusters with enhanced guidance for Federated multi-site networking deployments.

Enhanced Security Operations includes stronger security mechanisms to improve the management and administration of security settings within VMware Cloud Foundation, plus adds new support for FIPS 140-2 within SDDC Manager.

Guidance for Day-N operations in NSX Federated VMware Cloud Foundation environments: You can federate NSX-T Data Center environments across VMware Cloud Foundation instances. Customers can manage federated NSX-T Data Center environments with a single pane of glass, create gateways and segments that span VMware Cloud Foundation instances, and configure and enforce firewall rules consistently across instances. Guidance is also provided for password rotation, certificate management, backup and restore and lifecycle management for federated environments.

Backup Enhancements: Now you can now configure an SDDC Manager backup schedule and retention policy from the SDDC Manager UI.

VMware Validated Solutions: ​VMware Validated Solutions are a set of architected solutions for VMware Cloud Foundation customers & partners ​built on secure, highly available and resilient infrastructure. Learn more about VMware Validated Solutions at core.vmware.com/

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 includes the following Bill of Materials:  

  • VMware SDDC Manager 4.3
  • vSphere ESXi 7.0 Update 2a
  • vCenter Server 7.0 Update 2c
  • vSAN 7 Update 2 supporting enhanced cloud native storage, integrated file services.
  • vRealize Suite provides numerous enhancements to vRealize log insight 8.4, vRealize Operations 8.4, and vRealize Automation 8.4.1.  Note: VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 deploys vRealize Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) 8.4.1, then vRSLCM deploys and provides ongoing life cycle management of other vRealize Components.
  • NSX-T 3.1.3, supporting new networking and security features including NSX-T Federation. 
  • VMware Workspace ONE Access 3.3.5

FAQs for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 can be found here: https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/datasheet/products/vmware-cloud-foundation-faq.pdf

Release Notes for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3 can be found here:


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