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Announcing VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription: Consume Multi-Cloud Infrastructure through VMware Cloud Universal

Announcing VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription

Today, as part of the launch of VMware Cloud Universal, we are excited to deliver VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription that enables customers to proactively adopt multi-cloud infrastructure and accelerate their application modernization journey. VMware Cloud Universal is a program that includes subscription-based offers that give customers the financial flexibility to deploy any type of application across private, edge, or public cloud infrastructure.

Customers building enterprise-grade, cloud infrastructure for digital transformation and hybrid cloud initiatives typically start with a full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) using VMware Cloud Foundation that delivers the software-defined compute, storage, networking, and automation services. And for application modernization initiatives, customers can choose VMware Cloud Universal to run the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service natively in the VMware Cloud Foundation platform. This enables IT operators, to deliver Kubernetes as a service to their developers easily and utilize Tanzu Mission Control for multi-cloud capabilities to manage Kubernetes clusters.   

VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription

Marketecture: VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

VMware Cloud Universal provides these customers with a new level of flexibility to consume multi-cloud infrastructure and manage subscriptions, entitlements, and allocations of their VMware Cloud infrastructure from the VMware Cloud Console. Within the VMware Cloud Universal program, VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription (includes Tanzu Standard) is specifically for customer-managed on-premises cloud instances; it unlocks a flexible, cost-effective, and agile operating model to run both VM and container-based workloads at scale on a full-stack, enterprise-grade, and developer ready infrastructure.

We expect customers to address these key use cases of buying this new subscription under the VMware Cloud Universal program:

On-premises OPEX

VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription is best suited for customer-managed, on-premises environments that require the financial flexibility to move their infrastructure from a capital expense (CAPEX) to an operational expense (OPEX) model to align to an organization’s strategy around financial planning and analysis.

Cloud Migration

For customers looking at long-term cloud migration initiatives, VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription provides a term-based subscription that provides flexibility to dynamically allocate entitlements based on business mandates – for example, to replatform or rehost applications into the public cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS.

Cloud Bursting

This subscription offers customers the flexibility to extend their infrastructure on-demand to the public cloud for burst capacity requirements to respond to business needs or to deal with peak IT demand during the terms of service.

To summarize, VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription enables customers to deploy on-premises customer-managed private cloud instances with the financial flexibility to migrate VM and container-based workloads from the data center to edge and public cloud infrastructure. This financial flexibility is available through the VMware Cloud Universal program that combines the benefits of on-premises, edge, and public cloud infrastructure into a common pool of subscription credits, which could be redeemed towards VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, or VMware Cloud on AWS respectively.

VMware Cloud Universal Deployment Options

One of the benefits of VMware Cloud Universal is VMware Success 360, a premier customer success program that lets customers take advantage of success planning, ongoing adoption guidance, design workshops, and much more as part of VMware’s proactive customer support program.

VMware Cloud Universal with Success 360

Next Steps

Customers can get started with VMware Cloud Foundation Subscription today, by purchasing credits for the VMware Cloud Universal program and redeeming credits towards the subscription offering. For more information, attend the VMware Cloud event and review the press release for details on how you can get started today.

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