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Become Cloud Ready with VMware Cloud Foundation

While large organizations with high-profile cloud projects seem to dominate our industry news, there are organizations of all sizes all over the globe like yours that are working hard to improve IT in order to better support business needs.

What are these IT organizations doing to become cloud ready?

  • Modernizing data centers – Virtualizing storage and networking while unifying infrastructure management. This enables powerful capabilities such as cross-site disaster recovery, which are difficult with traditional siloed IT infrastructure.
  • Automating service delivery – Providing self-service access to a standardized catalog of IT services and templates—on demand. This enables service consumption in a way that many IT consumers have come to expect in the cloud era.
  • Offering developer-ready infrastructure – Integrating DevOps, agile practices, and CI/CD toolchains using programmatic API interfaces. This allows developers to focus on writing code and weekly sprints instead of help-desk tickets and writing IT requirements docs.
  • Modernizing applications – Supporting the full spectrum of traditional and modern apps. This enables rehost, replatform, and refactor options that all may be in play as you modernize, all run on a single platform.
  • Migrating workloads – Shifting workloads to the cloud without having to refactor code. Migration without unnecessary cost and effort makes the public cloud a valuable strategic option for many IT organizations that don’t have the resources to move workloads one by one.
  • Tapping public cloud scale – Getting pay-per-use pricing and global scale. Extending IT services while maintaining security and compliance, without adding complexity or more operational silos.

Overcoming Common Obstacles to Hybrid Cloud

Unfortunately, demands for modernizing IT with cloud seem to create both business and technical challenges. IT teams wrestle with managing new and existing application architectures; supporting workloads on-premises, in a hosted private cloud, in the public cloud, and in edge environments; enabling users to programmatically consume IT services infrastructure resources via APIs; understanding where to deploy workloads to optimize cost and usage…the list goes on and on.

This is where VMware Cloud Foundation™ shines. It delivers enterprise agility, reliability and efficiency for organizations with private, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. With a single platform that delivers infrastructure and operational consistency, you can improve IT service delivery, support cloud native containerized applications, and manage across a mix of data centers, hosted providers, and public cloud environments.

Become Cloud Ready

Among the many organizations that have become cloud ready with VMware Cloud Foundation are four from across the globe who have shared their stories in the eBook, Becoming Cloud Ready.

Read this eBook to learn about how organizations like yours have modernized IT to support their business needs:

  • IndusInd Bank in India – Achieved the optimal mix of private and public deployments to meet a surge of customer transactions, with central visibility and control.
  • Sigorta, the first online insurance company in Turkey – Improved automation for a mix of VM and container workloads by consolidating traditional infrastructure into a single agile solution.
  • Alembic Pharmaceutical in India – Was able to cut provisioning time by 50 percent while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.
  • Health New England in the United States – Used their software-defined infrastructure to rapidly increase their use of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and set up a dual-site High Availability (HA) architecture with active stretched clusters.

Check out these stories and others in Becoming Cloud Ready.


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