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VMware Cloud Foundation Empowers Reliable Business Operations

The unusual circumstances of today have pushed many organizations to reconsider their business operations strategy as a whole, to refocus on ensuring operational resiliency and continuity in the face of massive disruption. This extraordinary time forces businesses around the world to take stock of their IT investments and cloud platform strategy in particular. However, organizations that survive today and thrive in the future will be the ones who take this time as an opportunity to continue their journey toward digital transformation and IT modernization. These businesses require proper technology solutions to help get them there.

For today’s organizations, the VMware Cloud Foundation hybrid cloud platform empowers businesses to operate in our new-normal, no matter the circumstances. The platform maximizes scale and IT efficiency, allowing teams to manage workloads in the cloud by extending the same infrastructure, operations, tools, and processes everywhere.

Let’s take a closer look at our best-in-breed hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) stack.


A full-stack for future-proof business operations

VMware Cloud Foundation’s top-of-the-line compute (vSphere), network (NSX), storage (vSAN), and management (vRealize) capabilities support increased productivity, agility and security, and a seamless transition to the cloud. Here’s how each layer of our stack works to support businesses, through any circumstances:

  • Provides scalable, cost-efficient compute capabilities with VMware vSphere. vSphere allows IT operators and developers to accelerate innovation with ease. The pandemic and the resulting migration to remote work presents new challenges to IT teams. Running, managing, connecting, and securing applications doesn’t have to be one of these challenges. With vSphere, IT operators and developers can accelerate innovation by converging Kubernetes, containers, and virtual machines. vSphere allows for cost savings by consolidating applications on fewer servers.
  • Offers a virtual network with VMware NSX. The rise of the remote workforce increases the need for a boundless, cloud-based network. NSX reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling exceptional levels of agility, security, and cost-savings. This cloud-scale networking and security model allows businesses to operate as usual regardless of employees’ physical location.
  • Delivers enterprise-class storage with VMware vSAN. VMware Cloud Foundation’s market-leading vSAN HCI software natively integrates into vSphere, delivering flash-optimized performance and enterprise-class storage services. Virtualizing storage helps businesses to reduce the costs and complexity associated with traditional storage, priming their business for growth.
  • Equips IT teams and developers with hybrid cloud management with the VMware vRealize. The vRealize Suite supports software, IT, and development teams by enabling developers to quickly build applications in any cloud securely and with consistent operations for VMs and containers. vRealize boosts developer productivity, allowing them to release code faster and more frequently. At the same time, IT maintains governance and can take a more hands-off approach with increased automation.

The future is uncertain. Continuing business operations don’t have to be.

VMware Cloud Foundation equips you for whatever comes next. This means that you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your business operations will remain up-and-running and resilient against inevitable uncertainty.

Don’t leave business continuity up to chance. Position your business for the future – and anything the future may bring – with our full-stack hybrid cloud infrastructure. Learn more with this infographic.

Test Drive VMware Cloud Foundation – Hands-on Lab


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