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Announcing VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy with HPE GreenLake

Today, we’re pleased to announce that VMware Cloud Foundation will now be offered in HPE’s GreenLake program running on HPE Synergy composable infrastructure. This gives VMware customers the opportunity to build a fully managed private cloud with many of the benefits of public cloud, including cloud economics, in an on-premises environment.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with HPE to bring the GreenLake flexible cloud consumption model to our joint enterprise customers,” said Lee Caswell, Vice President of Marketing for VMware’s HCI Business Unit. “Customers excited about HPE composable cloud innovation now have as-a-service access to the VMware Cloud Foundation which delivers a common operational model across the hybrid cloud.  We’re doing the hard work so customers can free up time and investment.”

“Cloud has fundamentally changed customers’ expectations around IT. They seek an experience that allows them to act with agility, and dynamically compose resources based on business demands,” said Phil Davis, President of Hybrid IT at HPE. “VMware and HPE have a long history of co-innovation and today we are enabling customers to bring the cloud experience to their data center. Our vision is built on a single platform that can span across multiple clouds and puts companies in a better position to take advantage of new business opportunities without the management complexity and cost.”

Hybrid Cloud is the New Standard for the Enterprise

Enterprises are looking to modernize their datacenters by moving towards private and public cloud technologies. But private and public clouds by themselves are not complete solutions that fit all needs. Each environment offers a unique set of advantages for the workloads that we are running. Private clouds provide the most amount of governance and control of precious data. Private cloud technologies are familiar as they are based off of existing and proven tools, and it is the ideal solution for the edge, where latency is not an issue.

The public cloud on the other hand is incredibly flexible and easily scalable, perfect for a new class of applications. It provides a flexible consumption-based cost model and is automated and fully managed so your businesses can get out of managing the data center. Public clouds also provide a rich set of developer services that are easily accessible.

In order to tie these two environments together, organizations need a common infrastructure layer.

VMware Cloud Foundation is an enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform, helping customers transition from legacy IT delivery models to modern cloud operating models.  Cloud Foundation helps customers rapidly deploy a standardized private cloud. With Cloud Foundation, IT can transition to an as-a-Service model, becoming a service broker and provider of technology services to the business simply and easily.

With VMware Cloud Foundation, organizations gain consistent infrastructure, processes and tooling across clouds, which streamlines IT and accelerates hybrid cloud adoption. IT can manage multiple clouds with a single infrastructure team. By building consistent infrastructure across clouds, IT can avoid the risky, time consuming activity of re-platforming applications for public cloud. With native cloud services, moving workloads across clouds can be as easy as a vMotion.

HPE GreenLake: A Consistent Hybrid Cloud Experience with Cloud Economics Everywhere

Today, organizations want an even more consistent cloud experience, with fully managed services both on-premises and in the cloud, so that they can shift resources from managing infrastructure to innovation. Also, customers want a true on-prem consumption model for IT, so enterprises can pay for what they use and nothing more.

HPE GreenLake now provides a single, consistent hybrid cloud experience based on VMware Cloud Foundation.  Customers can implement their right mix of a software-defined, consumption-based private cloud and public cloud.

With VMware Cloud Foundation on HPE Synergy in HPE GreenLake customers get:

  • Faster Time to Value – Shorten time to deploy global IT projects by 65%* through automation
  • Cloud Economics – 30% CAPEX* savings due to the eliminated need for overprovisioning
  • Proper Control – By retaining workloads and data in the private cloud, customers maintain control over performance, compliance, data sovereignty, security, latency and risk

*Source: Shah, Anish. The Total Economic Impact of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. Forrester Research. May 2018.

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