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VMware Cloud Foundation

Announcing the General Availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.8

It’s my pleasure to announce the generally availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 3.8. This newest release is packed with new capabilities that make Cloud Foundation easier to deploy, manage and automate. Cloud Foundation 3.8 also updates the Bill of Materials (BOM) used to build out a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) so that customers get access to the latest product releases and patches available.

Cloud Foundation 3.8 introduces several new capabilities that customers will surely appreciate.


Public APIs

With Cloud Foundation 3.8, the team is introducing our first release of public APIs. With this first release of the public APIs, customers can invoke the APIs to create, delete and get properties for Workload Domains, Clusters, Network Pools and Hosts. This is just the first release of our public APIs and we will be releasing new APIs in the future to provide additional capabilities.


Simplifying lifecycle management

Along the lines of making lifecycle management easier, Cloud Foundation now supports the automated upgrade of vRealize products through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) – this includes vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations Manager, and vRealize Automation. Moreover, support for the automated upgrade of NSX-T components is also available, making it easier for customers to manage their NSX-T environments


Cloud Foundation on VxRail

With this latest release, NSX-T can now be deployed within Workload Domains on Dell EMC VxRail, enabling customers to leverage the latest feature set available with NSX-T. Additionally, administration and management of VxRail Manager is easier. SDDC manager now supports certificate management for VxRail manager, making general maintenance and upkeep easier. Additionally, VxRail Manager now integrates with vRealize Log Insight so that Log Insight can provide real-time automated log management and monitoring.


Expansion made easy

Cloud Foundation now enables automated vRealize Operations Manager cluster expansion in SDDC manager in case customers need to scale out their clusters to add additional nodes for growth.


SSO Management Domain Convergence

To provide better visibility between the Management and Workload Domains, Cloud Foundation now links the SSOs (PSCs) of two or more Cloud Foundation instances.


Latest Cloud Foundation 3.8 Bill of Materials

Additional information on VMware Cloud Foundation and the latest release can be found at the following links:

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You can also reach out to @SDDCCommander via Twitter with any questions about VMware Cloud Foundation.


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  1. How does the SSO Domain Convergence work? I can’t find anything about it in any of the documentation. (I’ve searched the VCF 3.8 documentation for converge and SSO, and nothing tells me how it actually happens/works.)

  2. Great blog post! Seems there’s even more advancements in VMWare Cloud technology, loving the introduction of public APIs too! Cloud technology truly lays the foundations for businesses to run at its full potential, breaking the time sapping cycle of maintaining, upgrading and replacing your on premise IT, allowing you to look to the future.

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