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VMware Cloud Foundation Sofware-Defined Data Center

VMware HCX and VMware Cloud Foundation: The Simplest Path to Migrating Your Apps to the Hybrid Cloud


One of the toughest challenges for any growing organization is how to intelligently expand its aging IT infrastructure while simultaneously modernizing its data center and embracing the cloud.  Legacy solutions are often siloed, highly complex, and difficult to maintain and update.  Supporting these environments places a heavy burden on IT teams and eats away at a business’s bottom line.


To keep up, IT organizations are turning to software-defined infrastructure to become agile, efficient and competitive. That’s where VMware Cloud Foundation comes in. Cloud Foundation provides a fully-automated, software-defined infrastructure for both the on-premises private cloud and the public cloud.  A turnkey, automated solution, Cloud Foundation delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations by eliminating human errors, and making it easy to deploy and manage a true hybrid cloud environment.


A formidable challenge our customers face when it comes to modernizing their data centers is how to migrate existing workloads in a way that is simple and non-disruptive to the business. This is where VMware HCX comes in.  VMware HCX makes it easy for an enterprise to move from legacy architecture to a new NSX solution, without the need to re-architect its network. VMware HCX extends the networks to the private or public cloud. It also eliminates the need to re-IP or modify configurations, such as, Mac address, DNS, etc. IT teams are able to seamlessly migrate existing workloads running in older vSphere environments into your modern Cloud Foundation hybrid cloud. 

It doesn’t stop with a single migration. VMware HCX customers come for the migration capabilities, but stay for the hybridity. Once IT teams complete the migration of their workloads into Cloud Foundation, HCX continues to provide agility by facilitating future migrations of mission-critical applications between different data centers in a private cloud, or between private and public clouds, delivering the agility that businesses have come to expect from the cloud.  That gives our customers the freedom to choose from more than 4,000 public clouds to run their business applications.

HCX empowers organizations of any size to tap into application mobility as the core benefit of HCX is to reach a higher level of responsive, flexible IT management. Its combination of innovative features means that operations, governance processes, and business continuity are maintained as enterprises transform their data centers to modern, streamlined architecture.


For larger enterprises, this flexibility can be leveraged to maximize workload efficiency in global operations. During the course of a day, HCX users can live-migrate applications to data centers in different geographic locations, based on local requirements, effectively following the sun as IT demand ebbs and flows across time zones.


Of course, even when they’re not making the leap to a hybrid cloud or balancing workloads across continents, organizations can still utilize the efficiency of Cloud Foundation. Ongoing private cloud operations are made easier with Cloud Foundation, including automating the provisioning of virtual infrastructure workload domains for new business applications.  Workload domains are deployed with just a few simple steps, and include fully integrated compute, storage, network, and cloud management tools.


Other easy-to-use, automated operational tasks include updating the SSL security certificates of all virtual appliances within the environment with just a couple of clicks, and changing the administrative passwords for all Cloud Foundation infrastructure components with a single click.  This level of automation helps organizations meet the growing demand for ecosystem-wide security and compliance.


Forward-looking organizations face the tough decision of how to manage ongoing investments into aging infrastructure. They also need to know how to best migrate to a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure ecosystem with VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware HCX.  The long-term benefits of Cloud Foundation’s consistency and automation are clear. Combined with the workload mobility features of HCX, IT can easily transition to a hybrid cloud in short order .


The journey to smarter, streamlined IT management begins here.


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