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Cloud Foundation Takes on the United States

No matter your industry or location, if you’re looking to deploy and run a reliable and robust hybrid cloud, VMware Cloud Foundation is your answer. The simple, agile and secure hybrid cloud platform provides integrated cloud infrastructure and management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments. From Appalachia to the Pacific coast, and everything in between, Cloud Foundation helps U.S. businesses modernize their data centers, migrate to the hybrid cloud and enhance their IT infrastructure.

Don’t believe us? Let’s highlight some customer success stories from companies that touch an eclectic variety of industries to prove just how effective Cloud Foundation is as a key digital transformation solution for those looking to grow and evolve by harnessing the cloud.


Cloud Foundation Takes Low Cost Airline to New Heights

If you’ve been flying the friendly U.S. skies as of late, chances are your flight has been aided by Cloud Foundation in some way, shape or form. One prominent budget airliner has turned to the solution in order to reduce costs by deploying virtual desktops to replace outdated PCs. Cloud Foundation also served as a holistic solution to circumvent the problems arising from siloed parts of the organization. The airliner now boasts an automated infrastructure that has kept operating costs low while providing on-site IT support, maintenance and security solutions across all 87 of their terminals.

Processing Payments a Different Way with Cloud Foundation 

The nation’s fourth-largest credit card processor banked on Cloud Foundation to support their new payment processing applications through a next-gen HCI infrastructure, and it turned out to be a wise investment indeed. This infrastructure modernization helped the financial company completely refresh all of their hardware. From there, they established a new HCI-based environment that allowed them to automate how their payment processing applications are delivered and ensure PCI compliance in order to better protect customers.

Skincare Powered by the Public Cloud

Keeping your skin tight and fresh requires quality products. And in order for one San Francisco-based skincare product company to provide customers with the very best, they turned to Cloud Foundation to expand their production infrastructure while still leveraging existing on-premise IT skillsets. By relying more on the public cloud and managed service providers, the company was able to grow their business without having to expand their on-prem data center footprint. Thanks to Cloud Foundation, the company achieved scalability and its customers achieved glowing skin—a win-win for all!

Getting Schooled with Cloud Foundation

When one private liberal arts university decided it was time to modernize their IT infrastructure and leap into a software-defined data center, they didn’t need a textbook to show them that Cloud Foundation was the answer. By building an environment ready for the hybrid cloud, the university barreled into modern-day IT efficiency. Automation through Cloud Foundation delivered massive upticks in productivity so that the school could get back to doing what they do best: shaping the bright young minds of tomorrow.

From the way we travel to the products we put on our face, Cloud Foundation is providing companies in industries that share no common denominator the same hybrid cloud solutions that allow them to digitally transform and continue serving their customers.


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