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Customer Momentum: Large Pharmaceutical Company Standardizes on Cloud Foundation to Meet Compliance Across the Globe

In our previous customer momentum posts, Mauricio and I have talked about the following use cases of customers who have purchased Cloud Foundation:

1) Hybrid Cloud

2) IT Automation in Private Cloud

3) Modernizing IT infrastructure

Today, I want to talk about a major pain point that affects many of our Cloud Foundation customers: Compliance! Keeping applications and data in compliance based on industry and regional requirement has to be one of the biggest headache for IT department in many organizations. For some of our larger customers, this challenge becomes even more complex due to the global presence of their data centers and disparity in compliance requirement across various regions.


NSX, being part of Cloud Foundation, provides capabilities, such as microsegmentation, distributed firewalls, and automation around security policies, that solve the compliance challenge of our customers. For more details around how applications in data centers can be secured by NSX through enabling a zero-trust security model, visit here.

There’s no question that NSX is revolutionizing virtual networking and changing how IT deals with compliance. However, let’s explore how Cloud Foundation makes the NSX experience even better.

Cloud Foundation Augments the Power of NSX

With Cloud Foundation, deployment and lifecycle management of NSX becomes easy. Cloud Foundation handles the initial deployment of NSX and also automatically patches and upgrades NSX as part of the full SDDC stack. In other words, faster time to market and increased agility through more streamline operations once Cloud Foundation is deployed.

Furthermore, Cloud Foundation also brings standardization to the data center. Cloud Foundation combines VMware’s core virtualization capabilities for compute, storage and networking into a hyper-converged architecture that deploys a standardized SDDC design through the automation of the SDDC Manager. This level of standardization allows our customer to have the confidence to roll out the same uniform stack in multiple data centers and reduce the time to meet compliance requirement across various regions.

Customer Example

PharmaRecently, a pharmaceutical customer was in the process of modernizing their data centers around the globe when they are suddenly faced with new compliance requirement on a very tight timeline. This customer has data centers around the world and they need a standardized way to roll out the full SDDC with NSX rapidly. With Cloud Foundation, this customer now has a standardized cloud infrastructure platform that they can rapidly deploy around the world to ensure that they will meet the compliance requirement across all regions. Once they have successfully deployed Cloud Foundation with the appropriate NSX configuration, they can replicate this rapidly across the globe. Finally, their IT operations is outsourced to a third party vendor. Cloud Foundation’s automation capability around life cycle management will generating significant cost savings in maintaining this new infrastructure and minimize learning for the third party vendor.

This use case exemplifies the need for companies to invest in a standardized platform that makes it easy for them to tackle compliance challenge both locally and globally.

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