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Work From Anywhere is Here to Stay – Join Us in Building the Platform that Makes it Possible at Scale

The pivot to remote work happened fast and made it difficult for many organizations to give employees secure access to apps and data from everywhere. Securing employees’ productivity and reliability without sacrificing performance became more important than ever. Can we build an organization that works together even when it is a part? Yes. In fact, we’ve never been closer.  

Through digital workspaces, employees are performing their best from any point and any device. Technology, not location, is the glue holding today’s distributed organization together. With a digital infrastructure that treats remote work not as the exception, but as the rule, organizations are able to meet the requirements of the new way of work. 

Meet the End User Computing unit (EUC) at VMware, helping over 60,000 customers meet the new way of work requirements. The End User Computing group’s mission is to help clients to enable hybrid and remote workforce successfully and securely. 

The need for such solutions drastically increased since the start of the pandemic. EUC product portfolio approaches this challenge in different ways – solutions focusing on securing devices – mobile device management with Workspace ONE and secure email client with Boxer. And for customers who find the risk of storing sensitive data on remote machines unacceptable, the product offers desktop virtualization as a service with Horizon Cloud. 

The teams in Bulgaria are quickly growing and they are looking for Java, C#, Angular and Android developers to join them in their mission to enable a better way to work. Check out the open positions.

If you are interested to work in a product company where you can directly impact product development keep reading. Openness to new ideas and quick decision-making is in the DNA of the EUC organization’s culture.

VMware Workspace One Platform 

VMware Workspace One is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables IT administrators to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. The time when the software was installed manually on each employee’s hardware machine is in the past. Workspace One today automates the connection between employees, apps and systems.  It is not just managing the users’ applications, it’s helping employees have the best experience using them. 

Workspace One Intelligence  

Aggregates and correlates data across a company’s entire digital workspace to drive insights, analytics and powerful automation of common IT tasks. It helps improve user experience, strengthen security and reduce costs. 

“We leverage the latest AWS managed services to build the architecture needed to support Fortune 500 companies in gaining visibility and meaningful insights on their hundreds of thousands of devices and the applications installed on them. Something more – we automate the reaction on a variety of events like security threats, device and application data which ensures organizations have frictionless operations and keep their focus on the important things,” says Lilyana Vassileva, R&D Manager. 

Workspace One Access  

Manages the access of employees and devices to apps and data. In organizations in which thousands of employees are using hundreds of applications, which are paid per usage, the ability to easily manage the access to these apps can bring substantial cost savings and increase the administrators’ productivity.  


An enterprise email client with a focus on security that provides access to enterprise email, calendar, and contacts across corporate-owned devices and bring your own devices.  

“A less known fact is that VMware in EMEA has a fast-growing mobile team with end-to-end product ownership. If you are a seasoned mobile developer and you want to make a bold move into the enterprise world, VMware mobile team is the place to be ,” says Stanislav Nedyalkov, leader of the team. 

Horizon Cloud  

A platform for delivering virtual desktops. Employees can work remotely on any machine, regardless of its specification and thanks to Horizon Cloud they are working on a virtual machine in the data center. The platform addresses major security issues, guaranteeing that all sensitive information stays on the companies’ servers and not the employees’ laptops.  

“We are working on a large scale, it’s a big responsibility and this is what makes our work exciting. One of our customers is a bank with more than 200,000 employees, all of whom start work at 9:00 am and need access to their virtual machines – immediately. If the product hits a glitch all these employees stop working,” says Stefan Tsonev, Director of Engineering, Horizon Cloud.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Manages devices used in the field and even in low-bandwidth environments. Users can manage the full lifecycle of any endpoint – mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS), rugged and even IoT in a single management console.

„We are building a new .NET team for Unified Endpoint Management in Bulgaria that will take full ownership of the Chrome OS integration.” says Georgi Muleshkov, Manager of Engineering, UEM.

The Challenges

“We are working on a large scale, it’s a big responsibility and this is what makes our work exciting. One of our customers is a bank with more than 200,000 employees all of which start work at 9:00 am and need access to their virtual machines – immediately. If the product hits a glitch all these employees stop working,” says Stefan Tsonev, Director of Engineering. 

What Does VMware Have to Offer? 

At VMware, you can choose the growth path that suits you best – purely technical, managerial or a combination of both. The company provides a personal training budget, which some colleagues use to finance their Master’s degree. You can also take advantage of programs that allow you to spend from 2 weeks to 3 months working in a different team or role or even use the time for an innovative project on your own, depending on your seniority level. 

We prioritize our employees’ health, happiness, and comfort and have devised a comprehensive program of benefits to help them improve their financial, mental and physical well-being. Additionally, we happily offer support towards their volunteer and community work. 

Here are some of the benefits our employees enjoy: 

Financial benefits 

  • Stock options plan  
  • Bonus program based on performance 

Physical and Mental Wellbeing 

  • Medical insurance program 
  • Wellbeing allowance – can be used towards anything that has to do with the employees’ physical, emotional, and financial state as well as their community.  

Paid Vacations and Leaves 

  • Twenty-five days of paid vacation per year 
  • Four weeks of paternity leave 
  • Twenty business days of paid time off to grieve the loss of a loved one, attend funeral service, and take care of any personal matters 

Support for Employees Charity and Volunteering Work 

  • Forty paid hours per year to support a charity or volunteering cause of choice 
  • Matching employees charity donations  

Read more about the benefits at VMware here.

Check out all open positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.  


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