VMware Bulgaria Benefits

We prioritize our employees’ health, happiness, and comfort and have devised a comprehensive program of benefits to help them improve their financial, mental, and physical wellbeing. Additionally, we happily offer support for their volunteer and community work.

Here’s a list of the major benefits you can expect from being a part of the big VMware community.

Financial benefits

  • Bonus program based on performance

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • Medical insurance program
  • Wellbeing allowance – can be used towards anything that has to do with the employees’ physical, emotional, and financial state as well as their community. They can use the allowance to sign up for any membership, class, or program, but they can also use it for a new bike or pair of skis if outdoor sport helps them feel calm and happy.
  • Employees assistance program – employees can access professional counseling to help cope with a wide range of life’s difficult issues, including but not limited to Alcohol and Drug Dependency; Childcare & Eldercare; Emotional Problems; Family & Marital Problems; Financial and Credit Concerns; Interpersonal Conflicts; Legal Issues and Questions; Situational Life Problems; Stress. No problem is too small to become a big problem when not addressed.

Paid Vacations and Leaves

  • Twenty-five days of paid vacation per year
  • Four Take a break Days – VMware offers this benefit for all employees to use throughout the year when they need to disconnect.
  • VMware provides 4 global EPIC2 holidays per year and a one-week year-end shut down at the end of each calendar year. These days are intended for all of VMware to be closed so we can all step away and disconnect.
  • Eighteen (18) weeks of paternity leave
  • Twenty business days of paid time off to grieve the loss of a loved one, attend funeral service, and take care of any personal matters
  • Two business days for the loss of a family pet

Support for Employees’ Charity and Volunteering Work

  • Forty paid hours per year to support a charity or volunteering cause of choice
  • Matching employees’ charity donations – VMware Foundation exists to amplify employees’ passion for causes. The Matching Gift program allows VMware people to contribute where and how they choose, and VMware’s online tool makes it easy to request a 1:1 match from $3.14 to $3,141.59 annually. 

Training and Personal Development Opportunities

  • Employee development programs range from company-paid training to opportunities to change teams, projects and roles for up to three months based on seniority.

 Employee Discounts and Rewards

  • Food vouchers
  • Discount program
  • Mobile phone plan
  • Flexible working time
  • Team buildings and celebrations

Kids-Оriented Programs

  • Summer school and events
  • Medical insurances

Our team in Bulgaria is growing fast, and we’re looking for new colleagues across technical and business teams.

 Check out the open positions here.


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