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Maintaining the Illusion of Cloud at an Optimal Price

The Capacity Management team, part of VMware Cloud on AWS provides foundations for the Cloud aspect of VMware’s partnership with AWS by managing VMware customers’ capacity demands through automation. Their mission is ‘Maintaining the illusion of Cloud at an optimal price’. We are talking to R&D Manager Vasil Konstantinov to find out more about it.

Tell us more about what VMware Cloud on AWS Capacity team does.

The main responsibility of our team is to ensure that VMware customers will always have the best hosting for their needs at an optimal price. This is an optimization mathematical problem with Data Science at its core and Software Engineering doing the heavy lifting. Let me explain it in more detail.

Amazon provides the hosting hardware for VMware customers, but its usage is dynamic and is also bound by geography, scale and hardware instance type. Our team is responsible to operationalize in an automated manner a wide variety of usage-related activities. Our data science engineers create the models that for example forecast the cloud usage and various related optimisations, and the software engineers support the automation and the scale factor.

We have five project verticals:

  • Forecasting – doing accurate predictions of future consumption using different data points, and then dynamically ordering and reserving capacity to secure customer’s demand.
  • Cost optimization – operational efficiency in this domain is extremely important because the spend is very big. To optimize it we are identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, leveraging the benefits of automation, optimizing license and service discounts and reserving capacity for higher discounts.
  • Capacity management – utilize in the best possible way with the current available capacity. Our solution is fully integrated with the core VMC on AWS provisioning workflow, adding value by enforcing different types of capacity prioritization in case of temporary capacity drops.
  • Finance Governance – visibility for validation and approval of a large budget, with solid revenue impact.
  • Industry-first customer facing products – the unique synergy between AWS Cloud services and VMware virtualization offering opens possibilities for a new breed of products.

It is a dynamic area, in which our team has direct VMware revenue impact, works on a variety of AWS integrations, develops solutions on top of a state-of-the-art SaaS Platform and has end to end ownership of our service lifecycle.

What is the technology stack you are using?

  • Data Science platform, for running data ingestions, pipelines, models and reports:  Python, ML libs, SQL, Mode Analytics.
  • State-of-the-art microservice architecture facilitating application development.
  • Java, Python, Kubernetes, Docket, Wavefront, AppDynamics, Concourse.

Your team is growing. Tell us more about the team spirit and the new opportunities.

The VMware Cloud on AWS team in Sofia was formed in 2017 with two engineers. Today the global team has 140 members, 50 out of which are in Sofia. 

As VMware is uniquely positioned to provide hybrid cloud solutions on top of not only AWS but any other infrastructure cloud providers, our team has a long term vision and roadmap to support the evolution of VMware Cloud products with regards to Capacity Management. 

To be able to do that, the Capacity Team is growing at a fast pace.

Check out the open positions:

Junior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Staff Software Engineer

Our team has delivery-oriented and human-centric values, so we are looking for Smart and Driven people, who like to work in challenging problem areas and produce solid solutions based on team collaboration.

I believe that people should bet on and maximize their strong sides when it comes to career development, as it is a natural source of motivation.


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