University Talent

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

Talent Boost is VMware’s academy for talented university students who want a boost of knowledge and practical experience to start their career in Software Development. Yoanna Evgenieva, Talent Boost 2019 graduate, shares her experience in the program.

VMware Talent Boost Academy is now open for applications.

How did you find out about Talent Boost Academy? I learned about Talent Boost from my colleagues at the university. Some of them have previously participated in the program, so I decided to give it a try, too. It was important to follow VMware Bulgaria’s social media accounts so that I could be aware of any updates about the program.

What was your favourite thing about the program?My favorite thing were our mentors – I could reach them anytime I had questions or concerns regarding the tasks. They were all very friendly and always ready to help, thanks to their care and attention I managed to learn a lot.

What challenged you the most during Talent Boost?Working on the final project was the hardest thing. I haven’t done anything like it before and it was both interesting and challenging. During this period, I had exams at the university and I had to balance both of them.

What’s the most important thing you took away from the program? The new skills I developed were the most important – both technical and soft skills. The new technologies that I learned really helped me with the final project and later during my internship at VMware. Also all the people at the academy – students and mentors – were very nice and friendly. We had some tasks and exercises which helped us develop our teamwork skills, something usually out of sight, but very valuable.

What would you advise to your peers considering joining the program?I would advise them to give their 100%, even if they are facing challenges with actual assignments. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. Always have a passion to develop and learn. And last but not least find new friendships and have a good time.