University Talent

Talent Boost program gives you the chance to develop the skills needed for becoming a successful engineer

Talent Boost is VMware’s academy for talented university students who want a boost of knowledge and practical experience to start their career in Software Development. Nikoleta Dimitrova, Talent Boost 2019 graduate, shares her experience on the program.

VMware Talent Boost Academy is now open for applications.

Can you tell us about your application process?

The application for Talent Boost was very easy and I got a quick response. First, we had to do a multiple-choice test together with 3 coding tasks. People with high scores are invited to HR and technical interviews. Because interviewers know that students don’t have much experience and deep knowledge, the interview wasn’t overwhelming.

What is the major difference between your university studies and Talent Boost classes?

The big difference for me is that during the program you can work with people who actually have tremendous experience in programming. Another thing is that we were 20 students in Talent Boost class 2019 and the mentors could pay close attention to every student individually and contribute to our personal development.

In your opinion, what is the major source of learning in Talent Boost: the mentors’ lectures, the students’ discussions or the individual assignment?

Of course, each of these 3 has an impact on the learning development, but for me, the individual assignment and putting mentors’ lectures into actual problem solving was the thing that helped me understand the programming concepts and boost my performance.

How intense was the program and did you have time for fun?

The program is pretty intense since the classes have strict daily hours. For the person who has mandatory university exercises like me, it has been a challenge and an opportunity to develop time management skills. In terms of joy, all of us are students and there is always time to have fun and establish new meaningful relations.

If you had the opportunity to make this choice again – would you apply to Talent Boost and what would you do differently?

I would definitely apply again. For me, this was a very good decision and an enlightening journey. Probably I would be braver to ask extra questions since the mentors are very friendly and willing to explain everything.

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